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1) Thank you for your consideration! {Read More}-the Caporasos 1a) I’m a true believer in this wonderful product …{Read More}-D. Alfano
2) When was the last time you bought a product and was so impressed …{Read More}-Linda Caccavale 2a) The Alpine Living Air Machine has given me back my life …{Read More}-A. Maggs
3) My husband and I are very grateful for your expertise …{Read More}-P.J. Kilmer-Wilhelm 3a) I suffer tremendously from allergies and the Alpine purifiier has really been a great help …{Read More}-L. Smalberger
4) I am was overwhelmed by your heartfelt gesture …{Read More}-R. Washington 4a) Thank you for introducing us to the Alpine Living Air Machine …{Read More}-F. Boone
5) Thank you for the excellent pricing on our Filter Queen vacuums …{Read More}-JFK Medical Center 5a) Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the Alpine XL15 air purifier that we purchased from you …{Read More}-Ray Catena Mercedes Benz
6) It was a pleasure doing business with you …{Read More}-K. Shallcross 6a) Thanks for recommending the Flair air ..system …{Read More}-C. Kiley
7) Thank you very much for all your telephone support and help …{Read More} -K. Seaman 7a) I have most been most pleased with the Alpine air purifier …{Read More}-A. Teets
8) I have been wanting to write this letter for some time now …{Read More}-Alice Walton 8a) I wish to thank you for recommending the Alpine Living Air Machine …{Read More}-R. Mini
9) Thank you very much for helping me with my project …{Read More}-Will 9a) I had no intention of purchasing the XL-15 unit initially …{Read More}-R. Purdy
10) Thank you very much for selling the filter for me …{Read More}-B. Kalter 10a) We have had our Alpine Living Air Machines for quite a while now, and…{Read More}-R. Walker
11) Just a quick note of thanks! and a guarantee of life-long referrals …{Read More} J. El Touny 11a) Thanks so much for introducing us to the XL-15 air purifier, as it has changed our live dramatically …{Read More}-L. Dadourian
12) Thank you so much for suggesting and demonstrating the “Sebo” vacuum …{Read More}-R. Solodare 12a) The air purifier does a wonderful job of cleansing the air in our showroom …{Read More}-SK Hamrah Carpets
13) I just wanted to express my enthusiasm for the obvious quality that governs your efforts …{Read More}-W.H. St. John 13a) Thank you for selling [XL15] the best machine I’ve ever had …{Read More}-B. Conner
14) I decided to buy it and am I ever glad that I did …{Read More}-G. Domby 14a) I’m very pleased with my Alpine air purifier unit …{Read More}-A. Petersen
15) Thank you for your prompt response and attention to customer service regardless of who sold the product …{Read More}-Beth Hall 15a) We purchased the “Living Air” … we must tell you … we definitely notice a significant difference in the house …{Read More}-L. Lahar
17) Thanks for letting me know AND thanks for the offer to answer questions… it’s among the reasons I bought from you {Read More} 17a) Before I bought the Stihl I had been at Home Depot and bought a trimmer and edger attachment…{Read More}– Andy
18) We also thank you for your time inspecting the units and the pleasure of doing business with you …{Read More}-Oliver & Lisa Kaufmann 18a) It was a pleasure meeting you and purchasing my snow blower your company…{Read More}– Charlie G
19) Thank you for providing my family & I with such stellar… {Read More} -Jerry Louis Ridley & Family 19a) I never knew my rugs could be that clean. Very nice design.{Read More}– RG
20) I wanted to let you know that the central vac is working… {Read More} -Dee & Kirby Lafollette 20a) I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Honda 520a that I bought this Fall …{Read More}-Steve Charme
21) “Great customer service, fast turnaround, very helpful. These guys… {Read More} 21a) It was a pleasure doing business with you. The HONDA ES6500 generator I purchased was…{Read More}-Brian Taylor
22) “I want to thank for the courteous and competent service I received at …” {Read More} – Noreen Ryan 22a) Thanks again for getting us the replacement hose for our Miele. We appreciate …{Read More}-Jay Mark
23) “Thank you for doing a great job on the repair and tune-up of our Miele …” {Read More} – L. Ramire