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Steve Charme

Hi Keith-

I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Honda 520a that I bought this Fall. I had about 30 inches of snow on my driveway after the recent blizzard, and wondered how this snow blower would work under such extreme conditions. The answer is great! True, I had to go much slower than usual, but it sure beat using a shovel. And even at the end of my driveway where the plows piled up snow, I still was able to use this.

You were right in telling me to skip the extra money for an electric start. It took only two pulls of the starter cord to get this going, and not a lot of effort was required.

When a product works even better than expected, I like to tell the dealer, since most people only comment when they have a problem.

If anyone has any doubts at how well this snow blower will perform, feel free to show them this email or contact me directly.


Steve Charme

Steve Charme