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Ruth Walker

May 9, 2000

Dear Keith,

We have had our Alpine Living Air Machines for quite a while now, and there have consequently been a number of positive things we have consistently noticed.

Firstly, they have solved the mildew problems in our basement. Newly washed laundry left in the washing machine for only two hours used to have a strong mildew smell. We put a little Bora in the basement, and that was the end of the mildew odor. Also, some time ago when I did extensive redecorating, the odor of pain and polyurethane was banished very quickly. We ran the XL-15 constantly as usual, and anyone entering the house noticed almost no paint odors.

Just recently, after we vacuumed and started up one of our air conditioners for the first time this season, I immediately began to cough and choke. We brought the Apline machine near and focused it on the air conditioner as it ran. This is a step we routinely take every spring with all the air conditioners, and which we mistakenly thought we could omit this time). My coughing stopped almost immediately.

Living in Staten Island, we have a lot of pollution to contend with—–smells from the dump, stench and noxious fumes from the New Jersey refineries, etc. This has been not only annoying, but also worrisome. However, the Alpine takes away the odors and gives us the assuarance that at least the air in our home is pure and safe to breathe.

We plan to take the Bora with us on vacation and put it in the beach house we’re renting. That’ll take care of any mold, mildew etc., often found in these places. In short, we are happy to let you know that we are very glad of these machines and wouldn’t think of doing without them.

Yours very truly,
Ruth Walker

Ruth Walker