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R. Purdy

April 9, 1998

Dear Mr. Petersen,

You may recall that you sold me a Model XL-15 Living Air cleaner last spring when I came in to inquire about an air filter or de-humidifier for my brother’s home near the Jersey shore. I told you about the extremely foul musty smell in his house, and even the same unpleasant odor in his clothes. I also mentioned the difficulty he was having with his health, inclduing some serious difficulty breathing, causing a few emergency trips to the hospital.

I had not intention of purchasing the XL-15 unit initially, because a neighbor had told me how successful his daughter had been in solving a similar prolblem with a de-humidifier. But you were so sure that htis unit would be a “God-send” that I decided to purchase it. But I never thought hat it would work out like it has.

Within a few months, the miserable odor in that house was gone. We were astonished that even the odor in his clothes had disappeared. We placed the unit on a special shelf high in his living room and have left it on 24 hours per days, except in the summer when the windows are open. Even the odor in the basement, which was the most offensive and oppressive of all, has gone.

But most important of all, his health has improved considerably, especially his breathing. For a long time, he was seriously thinking his life was ending because of these problems. Now he decided to modernize the place with new vinly windows throughout the house.

R. Purdy

R. Purdy