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Mrs. Theodore Solodare

January 15, 2001

Dear Mr. Petersen:
Thank you so much for suggesting and demonstrating the “Sebo” vacuum. It has so many terrific features, I don’t know where to begin.

It is light weight and glides over surfaces – slightly lower and narrower than the average vacuum so that one does not have to move furniture in order to clean underneath a narrow area.

The attachments are very handy as everything is at your finger tips attached to the vacuum.

I am now able to clean everything from lamp shades, under the bed, stairs and drapes in much less time than with any other vacuum I have ever owned.

Thanks to the “Sebo” I no longer plan on the big Spring and Fall cleaning as our home is clean all year round with little effort.

Thank you again for bringing the “Sebo” into my life; it has taken the word chore out of vacuuming and house cleaning in general.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Theodore Solodare

Mrs. Theodore Solodare