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Linda Caccavale

July 13, 1993

Dear Mr. Petersen:
When was the last time you bought a product and was so impressed with its performance that you actually wrote a letter of thanks? Back in September 1992 my husband and I bought such a product from The Eardly T. Petersen Co.

The Princess Vacuum Cleaner was recommended to us by a friend in the carpet cleaning business. Like most people we were skeptical. When the machine was demonstrated for us at the store we were impressed, but still, only mildly enthusiastic.

However, when we got home and used it on our own carpeting we were so excited that we literally called the store to say “thank you.” What is so unique about this machine is that whatever is vacuumed up is contained in the canister. There is no exhaust spewing out mold and dust back through the air.

Using this vacuum cleaner all but eliminated our cat’s winter allergies to mold and mildew. We were so amazed by this that we called our veterinarian to tell him we would no longer need to spend money on allergy shots. This did not please him.

If you have a hot-air heating system, you know how it is to wake up with a dry and stuffy nose. We can honestly say that after using the Princess Vacuum Cleaner for a few week, this too was virtually eliminated.

Before purchasing this incredible vacuum cleaner, we had our doubts. However, we can say without any hesitation that this is truly a product that lives up to its name and reputation. Another plus is that it is made in America.

Linda Caccavale

Linda Caccavale