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Ken LaPoint

April 30, 1997

Dear Keith:

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the Alpine XL15 air purifier that we purchased from you.

As you know, Ray Catena is one of the premier Mercedes-Benz automobile dealers in this country. As customer service is our highest priority, we have a fleet of forty loaner cars we make available to our customers as their cars are brought in for services. Unfortunately, these loaner cars eventualy retain smoke odors inside from our smoking customers. Then, our non-smoking customers become offended when they’re offered these loaners with stale cigar and cigarette smoke smells.

We have never been able to effectively deal with these smoke odors until we acquired the XL15 air purifier! We can now run the XL15 inside of a car that has been smoked in, and these odors are completely eliminated. No more unhappy customers!

As well, we will place the XL15 into an office that is being renovated–something we are doing regularly–and immediately we are making fresh air and combating smells. Instead of suffering for days or weeks with the odors from the new carpet, paint, and wallpaper, we do not smell them at all after a short run of the purifier. This has been a great, yet simple, answer to our indoor air problems.

We can freely recommend the Alpine to anyone who wishes to combat smoke, odors, and so on; as well as for anyone who enjoys the smell of fresh, clean air.

Ken LaPoint
Vehicle Prep Manager

Ken LaPoint