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Glenda Domby

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 4:01 PM
Subject: Lady Bug

Hi Keith, this is a follow-up to our phone conversation a few months ago in regard to the Lady Bug Steamer. You have my permission to use my recommendation for this product.

When I called looking for a floor scrubber to clean my nearly 2000 square feet of floor tile, I never expected to end up with an entirely
different product. After your sales pitch on the steamer, I decided to buy it and am I ever glad that I did. This machine is wonderful. It certainly goes beyond clean. After watching the DVD that came with it, I have cleaned a multitude of things in my home. We just completed changing our screened in porch to a sunroom. I cleaned the existing cedar boards with the Lady Bug. It was amazing what came off the six year old boards. I am very happy with the Lady Bug and I appreciate your expertise of the product.

Glenda Domby

Glenda Domby