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Francesca Boone

August 1, 1996

Dear Mr. Petersen,

Thank you for introducing us to the Alpine Living Air Machine. We are all breathing easier. The air we are now breathing smells a lot cleaner too.

We have a small Dachshund that we purchased while living abroad, which seemed to need a weekly bath to eliminate that “doggy” smell. Since we have been using the Alpine Living Air Machine we have noticed that 1) the dog doesn’t seem to smell anymore and 2) the house doesn’t smell “doggy”.

A friend from Massachusetts visited us for a week last month. Past visits were full of complaints about allergies and breathing discomforts. Happily this visit we had none of those complaints. What we heard instead was how well she had slept and how easily she was breathing (hooray!). She had recently spent a LARGE sum of money making her home a more allergy free environment. Although she told us that her Asthmatic condition had improved with her additions, she also told us that her expensive improvements didn’t make her feel as good as our little air purifier had!

During our year and a half in Europe, I honestly do not remember not feeling “stuffy”. It felt like I had a perpetual cold. Can I attribute feeling better to the Alpine Living Air Machine? Maybe, maybe not…all I know for a fact is that I am back to normal and breathing well again since we have had our little air purifier!

Although no one in my family has asthma, or any known allergies we are all breathing better, feeling better (and smelling better :), woof…). Thanks again.

Francesca Boone

Francesca Boone