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Angela Maggs

July 30, 1996

Dear Mr. Petersen,
The Alpine Living Air Machine has given me back my life. My daughter and I suffer with allergies. At times it has been disabling. My daughter’s allergies triggers asthma attacks. My allergies attacks my upper respiratory system. Both of us have had countless sinus infections. The amount of various prescription inhalers, nasal sprays and allergy medication in my medicine cabinet is enormous. I would have to change medications periodically because even the prescribed medication had little or no effect. Last winter I got a severe attack. I was flat on my back for five weeks, and continued to be ill to some degree for four months after that. During that time we purchased the COM AIR EAGEL 2500. In the short time that we have had this in our house, I am off inhalers and nasal sprays. My allergies have been greatly alleviated.

My daughter’s allergies, which are usually in full bloom at this time of the year are not at all visibile. She does not get winded running around the house. We both suffer with horrible headaches. These headaches are few and far between. My husband’s night cough has subsided and my son does not wake up sneezing. My father, who is the king of headaches, comes to visit and within a day’s time his headache is gone.

Thank you for having this air purifier available. Although other stores may offer air purifiers, the type that is available is not efficient for household with allergies and respiratory problems. We run our unit 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This is as important in our house as having running water. We cannot live without it. I am not exaggerating when I say that it saved my life. I truly believed I was going to die this past winter. I was never as sick as I was this winter. This is not part of a scheme it is the honest truth. My family has the Petersen’s and the Alpine Living Air Machine Company to thank for giving us quality back in our life.

Angela Maggs

Angela Maggs