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Alice Walton

February 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Petersen,

I have been wanting to write this letter for some time now, but it seemed I was either raising kids, working or didn’t have access to a PC in order to find out who it was that made Filter Queen an integral part of my life growing up.

It all began in Texas, it was either ’66 or ’67…I came home from a friends house and noticed that our living room was full. I have seven brothers and sisters (most of them were present), my mom and a really nice man were working with what I soon learned was a new type of vacuum. This was no ordinary vacuum by any means; it could do all sorts of things. The man massaged my brothers’ head with one attachment, made suds to clean furniture and such with another…well, I’m sure you know the list. My four sisters and I were already planning on drying our hair, if, mom bought it. The Filter Queen was amazing; it had several interchangeable heads for different floor surfaces. We all knew that we could not live without this vacuum.

This is where my story gets interesting…the eight of us kids ranged in age from 1 to 13, my mother was (of course) a stay at home mom and my dad worked as a salesman making $10,000 a year in sales. He came home right after my mom bought the Filter Queen from the nice man. My father was livid but after one day I realized who really was the best salesman in the house and it wasn’t my dad. My mom convinced Dad that with all the kids she had and all the things she had to do, she needed that vauum; and he agreed. My father loves my mother very much, 54 years together as of this March.

My dad loved that vacuum…he taught us all how to really do a good job vacuuming by using the Filter Queen. Over the years we moved several times and the Filter Queen was always the first item to enter the house and the last item to leave. We eventually moved to Arizona and lived pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Dust was always getting in the house and there was no way to prevent it. As we grew up our houses got bigger and bigger with several types of floor covering and the Filter Queen was always ready for the job. Every time one of my brothers or sisters moved out they always borrowed the Filter Queen, once again it being the first thing in and last thing out. My older sister and her husband installed tile throughout their entire house (by themselves) what a mess it was, they had to keep the Filter Queen at their house for almost two weeks but it did the job with no complaints.

-Alice Walton

Alice Walton