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We provide three essential services:


All our Product lines:

  • Vacuums & Floor Care Equipment
  • Central Vacuums
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Janitorial Equipment
  • Air Purification Equipment
  • Water Purification Equipment
  • Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning Equipment
  • “Soft Heat” Space Heaters


All our product lines as shown above


All our Product lines as shown above

Note as to Servicing:
We maintain a full-service repair facility for every product we sell. In most instances, we provide warranty repair for the products that we carry; if we do not, we are, at the least, an authorized repair center.

Note as to Parts:
If you do not locate something in our product or accessory listing it does not mean that we do not stock that item. And, if we do not stock something, we can probably get it. If you are uncertain as to whether we carry a particular item, we suggest you either contact us by e-mail, by fax at 908-232-8761 or call us toll-free at 1-866- Peterco with your inquiry.

SHOP LABOR RATES – all parts are extra

Shop Labor: $89.95/hr
Standard Vacuum Service: $44.95
Power Nozzle Service: $28.95 (some Miele Power Nozzle Service higher)
Hand Vacuum Service: $19.95
Electric Broom Service: $26.95
Twinmotor Upright Service: $89.95
Commercial Vac Service: $64.95
Walk Mower Service: $78.50
Comm Mower Service: Shop labor rate – $89.95/hr
Leaf Blower Service: Shop labor rate – $89.95/hr
Line Trimmer Service: Shop labor rate – $89.95/hr
Chainsaw Service: Shop labor rate – $89.95/hr
Snowblower Service: $78.50
Air Purifier Service: $49.95


In Town: $39.95
Out of Town/Local Area: $49.95
Out of Area: As applies
UPS Ship charges: As applies
Motor freight charges: As applies