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Oreck Orbiter Buffer

Oreck also makes an excellent floor machine called the Orbiter. Available in several sizes – 13-inch and 18-inch being the most popular – these unique, orbital floor machines will strip, scrub, polish and buff floors. They can be used to sand wood floors – leaving no swirl marks as do regular, rotary floor machines. Best of all, an Oreck Orbiter is lighter than an ordinary floor machine and it has no torque – it is “finger-tip” controlled and is effortless to use.

The Oreck Orbiter can also be easily used to dry clean carpets. By using a dry cleaning compound such as Capture or Lindhaus’ Pure Power Dry (formerly called EcoDry), the Orbiter will nicely work this powder into the carpet using a soft bristled brush designed for this type of cleaning. Then, the carpet can be subsequently vacuumed to remove the dry cleaning agent and the accrued soils.

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