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Oreck makes the original 8-pound XL upright vacuum. This is one of the all-time popular upright vacuums in the industry. One of the major reasons for this is the ease-of-use associated with operating a vacuum that weighs only 8 lbs. In addition, the Oreck XL upright employs a high-speed convergent brush which does an excellent job of sweeping the carpet.

As motor technology has improved, Oreck has been able to successfully improve the performance of their vacuum without adding to the overall weight of the machine. The use of more efficient motors has provided enhanced cleaning abilities with even less operator effort than before. As well, Oreck has made available on their better models a high-filtration outer bag assembly – the Celoc Hypo Allergenic bag system – made by 3M that produces filtration to about 1 micron.

The use of a 30-foot long cord helps the user to vacuum larger areas before it is necessary to find a new electrical outlet into which to plug the cord. This makes vacuuming easier and faster. The late-generation models also feature a quick-change belt design that eliminates having to remove the entire bottom plate of the vacuum when changing the belt. And, the premium model now incorporates a locking mechanism for the paper bag that not only completely seals the bag – making it an easy, sanitary process to change the paper bag – but , ensures that the paper bag will not “blow off” the intake port during use. Anyone who has ever opened up a vacuum cleaner to find that the paper bag has been off the intake port and thus has been allowing the dirt to go everywhere but in the bag will appreciate this feature.

Oreck vacuums are constructed of space-age composite materials. This makes these popular vacuums lightweight; yet, quite durable. If you are looking for the easiest way to vacuum – Oreck offers the lightweight, high-speed alternative that has been America’s choice for over twenty-five years.

Of course, our normal “package” promotion results in the Oreck customer having two, separate vacuums. The XL upright is used on carpets and rugs, and the FREE Super Buster B canister vacuum provides the ability to clean corners, stairs, drapes, upholstery, cars – you name it! In our commercial, janitorial division, of course, we have the commercial XL Hotel Upright, mentioned below, which is sold by itself without the Super Buster B.

The Super Buster B – at a bit over 4 pounds – makes all those other “above-the-floor” chores a great deal easier. It includes a hose, a set of extension wands and a complete set of accessories. And, as you may be aware from Oreck Corporation’s extensive advertising, if you have bowling balls scattered around the house, this machine will pick them up! (so will every other canister vacuum; but, that is besides the point).

For commercial use, we provide the Oreck XL2000HH. This is Oreck’s famous commercial XL upright – the one actually used in the Hotels. This is the deluxe commercial model and is normally sold “as is” with no Super Buster B. This model also features the Celoc Hypo Allergenic outer bagging system for enhanced filtration.

Oreck also makes two series of electric brooms – of which the 225 series is the most popular. This is due to its quiet operation and to it’s Hepa-type bag system which provides greatly enhanced filtration over most electric brooms which merely use dirt cups. As well, this broom has an excellent rug/floor nozzle which swivels smoothly around chairs and under kickboards or low furniture, and it has rubber tires to protect even the best wood floors.

Oreck has a commercial upright called a Dual Stack. While we would recommend several other upright vacuums instead for most commercial applications (go here to connect to our webpage on the Royal all-metal commercial upright vacuum or go here to connect to our webpage on the Lindhaus twin-motor commercial upright vacuum), the DualStack is absolutely fine for home use – although, a bit large.

Oreck also has a line of commercial and residential wet-dry vacuums. We no longer stock the commercial Oreck wet-dry vacuums as we believe that the Numatic (go here to connect to our page on Numatic products) commercial wet/dry vacuum is an infinitely better choice. The Oreck residential wet/dry vacuum is fine; although, we must admit that we sell considerably more ShopVac wet-dry vacuums than we do Orecks (go here to connect to our webpage on ShopVac products).

Oreck also manufactures a Dutch-made canister vacuum called the DutchTech. The DutchTech is a good vacuum; however, for less money than it costs to buy a DutchTech, the interested consumer can own a Miele. There is no contest between the two vacuums – Miele manufactures the finest residential canister vacuum in the world! Go here to connect to our webpage on Miele vacuums.

All in all, Oreck provides a “niche” upright vacuum that satisfies a need for a lightweight, easy-to-use vacuum. This is the single most popular product that they make.

It should be mentioned that Oreck also distributes an air purifier. This is a filter device and we do not recommend filter devices, per se, as we carry a state-of-the-art air purifier called The Easy Living Air. This terrific product exactly duplicates indoors the way in which a thunderstorm purifies and makes fresh the outdoor environment. A single, compact unit will purify an indoor environment from a single room up to 3,000 square feet for only pennies a day. It is possibly the single finest product we carry. Since there is an international epidemic of allergies and asthma, we strongly suggest that everyone purify the indoor air. If you are interested in learning more about The Easy Living Air Machine, please go here to connect to our webpage on that product. Sorry – sort of – for the digression.

Oreck, the Manufacturer of the famous 8-lb. XL Upright Vacuum makes a complete line of, amongst other things, floor care products. We carry a diverse range of Oreck Products and for many years we were the Master Distributor of Oreck Floorcare Products for the metro NY/NJ area. We are still one of the metro NY area’s largest, multi-line, authorized Oreck Dealers.

NOTE: We stock a full complement of accessories and parts for all of our product lines. If you do not find a particular accessory or part listed, it does not mean we do not stock it. Please contact us by e-mail or toll-free phone as listed below.