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All Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners enjoy one thing in common – they are manufactured by a one-hundred-plus-year-old, family-owned, German appliance manufacturer that has, as their corporate motto:  “Immer besser” – Forever better.

Miele possesses the unique distinction of engineering the only residential canister vacuum cleaners in the world that are rated, both machine and filter together, to HEPA/ULPA standards (Hepa is an acronym for High-Efficiency-Particle-Arresting; Ulpa is an acronym for Ultrahigh-Level-Particle-Arresting and is another level beyond Hepa in filtration abilities).

What this means is that the housings of the vacuum are so precisely designed and manufactured that they are completely airtight; so that, when an S-class Hepa filter is installed, the design process is complete and the vacuum cleaner – not just the filter – completely traps and retains 99.9% of all particles down to .3 microns (that’s less than 1/50,000 of an inch, folks!).  No other residential vacuum cleaners in the world have achieved this rating!

The result of this is total peace of mind when vacuuming using a Miele canister vacuum equipped with a Hepa filter.  The average vacuum cleaner is literally spewing tens of millions of microscopic particles per minute back into the air1.  These tiny, lung-damaging-particles (LDPs) will remain airborn for hours (some will remain airborn indefinitely) and are then breathed in by the members of the household.  This is not good – especially for allergies and/or asthma – common sense dictates that is neither advisable nor healthy to use a vacuum that aggravates or triggers allergies or asthma attacks.  With a Miele, these particles are retained in the vacuum because it provides a sealed system – nothing leaks out through apertures and gaps in the vacuum housings, etc. because there are no gaps!

As well as trapping all these pollutants being removed from the indoor environment (pollutants such as dust mite feces, spores, molds, pollens, bacteria, dander, etc.), the extraordinary vacuuming power of a Miele ensures that as much soil and allergens as possible is removed from the house with the least amount of effort.  A Miele canister vacuum moves effortlessly around the house due to its independent, 3600 swivelling casters ( with rubber tires so that hardwood floors, etc. are completely protected against marking).

The hose also swivels freely in a 3600 radius where it mounts onto the vacuum, and the vacuum is designed so that the hose leads away from the vacuum at a natural angle so that there is no stress on the hose when pulling the vacuum.  Of course (of course!) the cleaning accessories are instantly available – oneself just presses a button on the top of the vacuum and a lid instantly and smoothly opens to reveal the various accessories for dusting, corners, upholstery, etc.

A Miele canister vacuum stands on end either for storage or for conveniently resting on stairs as they are being vacuumed.  On some models the wands are telescopic and instantly adjustable from one wand length out to two wand lengths – and, anywhere in between – a considerable convenience when cleaning either high or low places.  As well, this design features enables users of different heights to adjust and “fine tune” the wand length when using a rug or bare floor accessory.  On some models all the electrics needed to operate the electric power nozzle are fully contained and concealed inside of the hose and telescopic wand – merely connect the hose to the wand, for example, and the electric connection for the power nozzle is simultaneously made.

Miele makes awesome appliances – vacuums, dishwashers, stoves, washing machines and other household and commercial equipment.  If you own a Miele appliance you already know this.  If you don’t, isn’t it time you made the right decision to own a Miele vacuum?

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NOTE:  Miele makes some models in addition to those which we have listed below. Those listed below are stocking items for us.  If we do not list a model, it is usually because we are strongly suggesting that you consider a lateral, alternate model – one of those listed below.  If, however, you desire a model that is not listed below, we are happy to obtain it for you – generally it takes one to two days.  Just let us know!