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Shop Vac Accessories

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Product Description

Shop Vac Accessories

We stock the essential hoses and accessories for the Shop Vac line. This includes hoses, wands, dust brush, crevice tool, gulper tool, bare floor tool, squeegees, etc. We can order any accessory or repair part as needed.  We also can order any Shop Vac from their full line, just give us a call.

  1. Hose 1.25″ non-gen
  2. Hose 2.5″ non-gen
  3. Wands 1.25″ non-gen ea.
  4. Wands 2.5″ non-gen ea.

Shop Vac Filters

  1. Cartridge filter
  2. Paper bags w/rubber band pkg./5 non-gen.
  3. Reusable dry filter pkg./3
  4. Hi-efficiency bags 8 gal
  5. Hi-efficiency bags 14 gal
  6. Hi-efficiency bags 16 gal
  7. Mighty mini bags