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Panasonic Vacuum Bags, Filters & Belts

We stock a full complement of Panasonic bags, belts, and most filters. Please contact us via e-mail or phone

  1. C-3 canister bags 3pak
  2. C5 canister bags 3pak
  3. C4 canister bags 5pak
  4. U3 upright bags 12pak
  5. CB1 belt each
  6. CB belt 2pak
  7. HB belt 2pak
  8. UB3 belt 2pak
  9. UB4 belt 2pak
  10. UB1 belt 2pak
  11. UB2/UB7 belt 1ea/pak
  12. UB belt 2pak
  13. UB7 belt 2pak
  14. UB8 belt 2pak
  15. Filters
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