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Product Review 1: Leaf Blowers

ET Petersen Company Shows New Leaf Blower: Little Wonder blows away performance records – Sept. 2001

February 18 — The Eardly T. Petersen Company in Westfield announces that the Little Wonder Company has redefined the benchmark by which leaf blowers are rated. Keith Petersen, spokesman for the Petersen Company, states that Little Wonder, a long-time USA manufacturer of premium-quality Outdoor Power Equipment (hedge trimmers, gas edgers, Mantis tillers and ground leaf blowers) has innovated the biggest design change in leaf removal equipment in over twenty years.

“Leaf blowers are traditionally available for home use in three types of configurations,” says Mr. Petersen. “For ease of removing leaves, dust and other debris from sidewalks, average-size driveways, patios and small lawns, the hand-held leaf blower is most popular. These leaf blowers are available both with electric 110-volt motors and with gas 2- cycle engines. The gas type has several advantages over the electric type: (1) it is always considerably more powerful (2) there is no electric cord with which to fuss and (3) a good gas hand-held blower will probably last at least fifteen to twenty years – much longer than the electric type.”

“The second type of leaf blower,” continues Mr. Petersen, “is the back- pack blower. This is usually seen in use by the commercial lawn maintenance crews. It offers increased ease-of-use and more power than the hand-held type. It is much more popular amongst commercial landscapers than amongst homeowners – although, with the advent of more compact, quieter units the homeowner market share for such a blower is steadily increasing.”

States Mr. Petersen, “The overwhelming choice for removing leaves from mid-size to larger size residential properties is the ground blower, or, walk-behind blower. Such a unit, if well-designed, historically features airflow (translating into leaf blowing ability) at least four times as great as the best back-pack blowers. This means that this type of blower is best suited for quickly removing the large volume of leaves that accumulates on the average residential lawn. Now, with the most sweeping (pardon the pun) design changes ever made in the leaf removal industry, the Little Wonder Company of Pennsylvania has redesigned the way a premium ground blower blows leaves.”

“By investing many long, hard hours in engineering and field-testing,” says Mr. Petersen, “Little Wonder has, essentially, made obsolete the traditional design of a ground blower. By working very closely with aeronautical engineers, Little Wonder, with a patent pending design, has drastically improved the aerodynamic intake characteristics of an already established line of high-grade leaf blowers. This high volume of air coming into the fan chamber is then forcefully propelled by a uniquely-shaped fan that hurls the air into a natural, centrifigal action. Then, going a step further, the blower utilizes a unique feature at the discharge opening to split the discharge air stream into two, parallel, upper and lower air stream patterns.”

“The result is that an extremely forceful, high-volume, dual airflow is achieved,” enthuses Mr. Petersen. “No other ground blower in the industry achieves these velocities. When this airstream discharges from the blower, the bottom air stream ‘digs’ underneath the leaves and propels them forcefully while the upper air stream acts to prevent a ‘blowback’, or, recycle pattern – it serves to keep the leaves moving. This latter, blowback problem is one from which all leafblowers have historically suffered, and it has always considerably limited the distance to which leaves can be blown.”

Mr. Petersen adds, “We have the Little Wonder video showing the test results of their equipment in action compared to some of the other popular product lines. The differences are astonishing — the Little Wonder’s performance is so great! Our commercial users report awesome results compared to what they have been accustomed to using for many years, and now these machines are available for home use, as well. It is a thoroughly impressive design, and anyone interested in removing a large volume of leaves in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of effort will greatly appreciate the design of the new Little Wonder High Performance series of ground leaf blowers!”

For information on the Little Wonder, or other Outdoor Power Equipment, contact The Eardly T. Petersen Company at 224 Elmer St.,
Westfield, 908-232-5723.