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Product Review 4: Hepa Vacuum Cleaners

Local Vacuum Store features Miele Vacuums: – E.T. Petersen Co Attendee at unveiling of new Miele USA Headquarters -June 1999

— Keith Petersen, spokesman for the Eardly T. Petersen Company in Westfield, announced that, as a Premier Miele Dealer, they were recently invited to attend the unveiling of the new, multi-million dollar Miele USA Headquarters on Rt. 1 in Princeton.

“No one who travels Rt. 1 in Princeton will miss seeing Miele’s new headquarters;” states Petersen, “the building, much like Miele as a company, totally stands out from all others on the highway. The architect Michael Graves, internationally recognized for his architectural vision, has very skillfully combined some unusual colors and architectural features to create a unique building — that’s all I’ll say — you’ll know it when you see it!”

“Miele itself,” continues Petersen, “is a 100-year old German manufacturer of high-end appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and, of course, vacuum cleaners. The new facility provides a very large showroom for the entire product line, up-to-date diagnostic and testing facilities, a state of-the-art kitchen for cooking demonstrations, and all the administrative offices. As well, there are training facilities for Miele Dealers including internet capabilities at each desk. It is an impressive setup.”

Says Mr. Petersen, “Miele canister vacuums absolutely showcase Miele’s engineering talents. In appearance, construction, ease-of-use, power and filtration there literally are no competitors. A good vacuum must satisfy four basic requirements: (1) it must have a high waterlift (suction), (2) it must filter well, (3) it must not be awkward to use and (4) it must last as long as possible. Our customers come back and tell us that they have never used any other vacuum that works anything close to the way a Miele performs — and that the Miele vacuum is so unbelievably quiet, as well.”

“Vacuum cleaner performance — especially filtration — is a big issue today,” states Petersen, “and recent tests conducted by Dr. Paul J. Lioy, a professor in the Department of Environmental and Community Medicine at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and published in the February 1999 Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association showed some staggering differences between the filtration abilities of different vacuum manufacturers’ equipment. On ten popular vacuum cleaners tested1, the Miele vacuum with sealed HEPA filtration (99.97% efficiency at point three micron size establishes HEPA filtration — HEPA is an acronym for High- Efficiency-Particle-Arresting) showed over 99% effectiveness at removing particles down to .3 microns (human hair average size is about 125 microns thick). The other machines — even including so- called HEPA filtration units — emitted tens of millions of particles per minute into the exhaust air — a tremendous amount of pollutants for anyone to breathe, much less the 25% of the population that suffer from allergies and asthma. This is why so many people are switching to the Miele canister HEPA vacuum — they want their home environment to be a healthy place in which to live and breathe! We regularly see customers purchasing a Miele canister vacuum and one of our whole- house or office Alpine air purifiers as a one-two punch to effectively combat indoor air quality problems.”

“Miele vacuums are surprisingly affordable;” says Keith Petersen, “as we feature models at discount prices from $399 and up — our average Miele sale is only about $650. Considering the awesome cleaning power, terrific filtration and average life expectancy of fifteen years, it is a very cost effective investment. Am I using a lot of superlatives with Miele? — it is a superlative vacuum!”

Miele vacuums can be seen at the Eardly T. Petersen Co., 224 Elmer St., Westfield, NJ 07090; 908-232-5723; Closed Wednesdays.