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WESTFIELD: “It’s true! You can make a diamond using vacuum dirt,” deadpans Keith Petersen of The Eardly T. Petersen Company of Westfield. “It will take a few years to do it, but it can be done.”

“Allow me to explain,” continues Mr. Petersen. “Approximately 22 years ago Miele Inc., an 80-year old German appliance manufacturer decided to enter the United States appliance market including the vacuum cleaner segment of that market. Miele’s stated corporate moto was, from its inception as a company in 1899, “Immer Besser” – always better.”

“We here evaluated the line at that time,” indicates Mr. Petersen, “and decided that it fit with our own corporate goals of high quality, reliability and, even, that almost indefinable “something” that is attached to leading edge products. Today Miele leads the international vacuum cleaner market by providing the very best quality canister vacuum cleaners in the world. Of course, the Miele vacuum cleaner line includes upright vacuums for those that prefer such.”

Miele introduced the S4 Galaxy series compact canister in 2005 – heralding a new era in the concept of lightweight yet full-powered canister vacuum cleaners. This answered a strong market need for fast, easy-to-use vacuum cleaners and the the S4 Galaxy vacuum overnight became the second largest selling cleaner series in the Miele assortment of canister vacuums, winning the prestigious Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum along the way.

Most recently, in July of 2006 Miele applied the successes found in the S4 line and introduced the S5 series – a line of full-featured, leading- edge canister vacuums to fit every budget and need. “Miele,” says Mr. Petersen simply, “continues to raise the bar on product quality with innovative features making their vacuums the easiest to use in the world. This latest generation of machines is simply awesome – unbelievably high cleaning efficiencies and totally airtight construction mated with certified HEPA filtration. This results in a vacuum product that not only leaves the Miele owner happy; but, almost amusingly so for us, routinely seeing a new Miele owner leaving our facility for home with their new Miele and telling us that they are “excited to go home and try it out!”

So, we have to ask Mr. Petersen what all this has to do with making a diamond out of vacuum dirt. “Oh yes,” he said, “the Diamond.” Miele has structured Dealer levels so that the marketplace – i.e., the consumer – would be able to quickly rate the store with which they are considering doing business. Recently the Miele Company awarded us their single highest rating – that of a Diamond Dealer. Diamond Dealers meet requirements both of high levels of customer service as well as high volume levels. So, you see, having been in the vacuum business since 1956, these years of being in the vacuum – dirt – business has accordingly enabled us (grin) to “make (a) Diamond”.”

“After 50+ years in business – the success of which we ultimately owe to the efforts of all our staff and to our many customers – we are sanguine enough not to be unduly impressed with such ratings,” says Mr. Petersen. “However, we thought it would be a good idea to try to impress you with it.”

For questions on the Miele vacuum cleaner product line, or for any questions relating to indoor environmental issues (or, for any questions about anything!) please visit The Eardly T. Petersen Company at 224 Elmer Street in Westfield; or, call them at 908-232-5723 or visit them on the web 24/7 at Closed Weds and Sundays.