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Product Review 2: Drinking Water & Water Purification Equipment

Local Business becomes Water Purification Dealership: E.T. Petersen Co. adds Everpure Water Purification Product Line – Oct. 1997

Westfield: — The Eardly T. Petersen Company, located at 224 Elmer St. in Westfield, announces that they have become the area Dealer for Everpure Water Purification Systems. Everpure is a leading manufacturer of high-quality water purification equipment and counts among their client list such customers as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Pepsi-Cola, Wendy’s, General Foods, US Navy, Starbuck’s Coffee, Harrahs, Bennigans, Tropicana and many others.

“Environmental issues are of paramount concern today,” says Keith Petersen of The E.T. Petersen Company. “We are seeing a stronger demand in latter years for our better quality product lines that help solve these problems — from recycling (mulching) mowers and low- noise Outdoor Power Equipment engines to HEPA vacuums, Central Vacuum Systems and state-of-the-art air purification equipment. Many of our janitorial chemicals and supplies address the “green” issue very well, too. Now we have added water purification systems.”

Petersen continues, “Everpure has been providing sparkling clear drinking water to millions of people since 1933. A subsidiary of Culligan Intenational, they use a revolutionary precoat water filter, a technology still recognized as the best form of water filtration. Everpure equipment is 100% certified by NSF to the highest standards, filters to .5 microns and carries a life-time warranty. While Everpure has systems from above-the-counter to whole-house water treatment, the most popular units will install under the sink in 30 – 45 minutes. Thus, the average homeowner can do it; or, it can be done through us.”

Petersen adds, “We are seeing concern over what is in the water by the time it reaches the house. The municipal water supplier treats the water at the treatment plant; but, along the way it is subject to picking up dirt and rust, lead, VOCs, mold and algae, cryptosporidium cysts (a particular concern to the immune-compromised), chlorine byproducts, odors, poor taste and much else. Very simply, the water at the tap is anything but clear and sparkling! An Everpure Water Treatment System will provide clean, clear, fresh water — wait `til you taste the coffee and tea!”

The Eardly T. Petersen Co. welcomes inquiries about water purification and other environmental needs. Contact them at 908-232-5723 or visit their internet site at