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Water Purification Equipment – Suggestions

Water Purification Equipment provides for one of three essential elements that are necessary for a healthy natural existence.

These three elements are:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. 3. Food

These elements have been listed above in relative order of importance – i.e., oneself cannot go without proper air to breathe for more than a few minutes or oneself will die; one can go without water for some days; one can go without food for, perhaps, some weeks.

Speaking about breathing air, if you would, as a bit of an aside, be interested in learning about what we consider to be one of the world’s great products – a Fresh Air air purifier, please “click” here and you will be connected to our webpage on that product.

We believe – we have found from our own experience – that drinking good, clean, fresh, great-tasting water not only tremendously enhances your satisfaction in the actual glass of water that you are imbibing to quench your thirst, etc.; but, is a great, healthy way to help your body work better and longer. It is simple: clean water is beneficial to your body’s most essential functions. Water that is not clean , at best, does not “work” as well in your body and, at worst, can possibly kill you.

Everything that uses water that goes into your body also tastes markedly better with clean, fresh water – from coffee and tea to everything that you will cook before eating. Clean water is better!

We suggest the Water Purification product manufacturer’s equipment of Everpure.

Everpure has been an industry leader in the field of water purification since 1933. Everpure uses a unique, pre-coat design in most of their filters which completely filters out all particles down to .5 microns in size (1/50,000 inch). At this size, harmful, parasitic cysts such as cryptosporidium or giardia are completely removed as well as asbestos fibers (common in older piping) and any other particles to .5 microns. A precoat filter/septum design such as this is fairly common in large bottling plants (such as Coke and Pepsi – both customers of Everpure); but, is not usual in smaller, residential or office type of drinking water filtration equipment.

Everpure’s pre-coat design completely eliminates the channeling or dumping that can occur with regular, carbon block filter units. Channeling is a process whereby the incoming water carves channels, or tunnels, through the carbon material. The result of this is that the water continually goes through these channels (only) and the water never encounters the rest of the carbon block material. Thus, the contaminants in the water load up the carbon relatively quickly in the channels, and the carbon then fails in its ability to remove further contaminants.

Dumping is a process whereby the carbon ultimately fails in its ability to adequately hold onto the pollutants being filtered out from the water. When this happens the carbon releases, or dumps, pollutants back into the water. In this way, the water leaving the DWS can actually be dirtier than the incoming water.

Neither of these problems can ever occur with the Everpure’s unique, pre-coat design. The filtered water will actually slow to a trickle if the filter is not changed at the proper intervals; however, even in this situation, the Everpure DWS maintains its filtering quality. Everpure provides a complete range of filters from above-the-counter to the more usual under-the-counter, Point-of-Use (POU) DWS (Drinking Water Systems), as well as whole-house systems to ensure that the water at every spigot or faucet is as clean, healthy and fresh as possible.

We tell our (local) customers to bring us a clean, taste-free empty container. We will fill it with water filtered through an Everpure DWS and send them home to make one of the best-tasting cups of coffee or tea they have ever enjoyed! (We can say this with confidence because Starbucks, as an example, uses Everpure filters to help deliver their great-tasting cups of coffee.

At this point we should probably boast a bit and recite to you a partial list below of Everpure customers: Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, KFC, McDonalds, Arby’s, Bennigan’s, Burger King, Exxon, KLM, Pizza Hut, Harrah’s Casino, 7-Eleven, Tropicana, TWA, WAWA, the US Navy, Dairy Queen, Days Inn, Denny’s, Hardee’s, Jack-in-the-Box, Marie Callender, Popeye’s, Taco Bell, Stop’N’Go, Ice-O-Matic, Caesar’s Palace, General Foods, Golden Nugget, Marriott, Resorts International, Smuggler’s Inn, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Westin Hotels, E.I. DuPont, Westinghouse, Boeing Company, almost all the major airlines in the world, Hess, Bechtel, Litton, Lockheed, Shell, Tenneco, US Air Force, and dozens and dozens of others!

All these above-listed firms have one thing in common: they either want, or absolutely need to have the best available water. This is a very impressive list, isn’t it?! NSF: We should stop for a moment and talk about NSF. One of the most important elements in initially deciding upon the proper DWS is to be aware that any suitable DWS will have received a satisfactory NSF rating. NSF is an independent rating organization – like UL or CSA – that sets the standards by which water purification equipment is measured. In the most important criterion, Everpure rates at 99.9% efficiency to a Class I standard – Everpure’s highest. This ensures that the product performs at stated levels throughout the expected life of the filter(s). This is extremely important, as it ensures for health reasons that a filter does not start its life at one level of performance and then gradually degrade to a lower level. We could continue to “tout” the abilities and quality of Everpure filtration; however, we very subtly suggest you cannot own better quality water filtration equipment than is provided by Everpure, and we think you might like to “click” here to connect to our webpage on Everpure products.

Overview on Everpure H300 series Drinking Water Systems