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Space Heaters – Information

Space Heaters have been around since someone got the idea of building a fireplace in the corner of their dwelling. Today, typically, space heaters use propane or natural gas, oil, kerosene or electricity. To this list could be added wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, pellet stoves, etc.

Of these, for home or office use, electricity is undoubtedly the safest as it generates no harmful pollutants and a space heater powered by electricity does not have to be vented outside. However, to be successfuly, a space heater has to turn electrical energy in a safe (electric space heaters can and do start fires!) and cost effective manner. This webpage will deal with electric space heaters.

Problems with Space Heaters: There are some typical problems associated with many types of space heaters. The first is that the average space heater has difficulty in providing even heat conditions. The tendency is that it is hot near and above the unit, and yet, at any distance from the unit, there are cold spots or an entire of lack of heat. A good space heater needs to evenly heat the room(s).

As well, typical space heaters dry the atmosphere out – the last thing oneself wants in cold, usually dryer, atmospheres. While some manufacturers of electric space heaters use ceramic disc heating elements, others use traditional wire-style heating elements and at least one seeks to move the air through a turbine- like grill, the end result is invariably uneven, dry heat.

The Answer: Now, there is an answer to the need to heat or raise the heat in indoor spaces without harmful pollutants, drying out the air and heating unevenly. A “Soft Heat” space heater essentially duplicates the way Nature heats when it warms the Earth to provide a soft, convection-like heat.

Essentially, a “Soft Heat” space heater works to heat the air through infrared heating lamps – much like the infrared rays of the sun provide warmth. The air is drawn into the rear of the space heater – on better units, through a filter which will help to protect the inside elements from dust and grime. The heat is raised internally by the lamps and the heat exchanger. The heart of the system is the heat exchanger – this single component determines the ratio between electrical energy used and heat transmitted out. Without the proper heat exchanger design, the unit cannot be effective. The best heat exchanger is the original design.

This heated air is then directed back into the indoor environment by a fan through a grill on the front of the unit. The result – even, soft heat that is normally balanced between floor and ceiling by no more than a few degrees difference. There are no drying effects – it is “soft heat”!

Construction: Our space heaters are constructed internally of permanent materials including metal heat exchanger and galvanized chassis. The cabinet – for, such it is, it made entirely of wood and finished like a piece of furniture. Indeed, our space heaters resemble a small end table and the tops can be used as such. The four 375-watt commercial infrared heat lamps can be user replaced in under 10 minutes using only a screwdriver. Most of the competitors’ heaters are 35 to 40 pounds – the construction of the Sun Cloud Solar Comfort is so substantial – including the all- important heat exchanger – that it is 68 pounds! Of course, the caster wheels make it easy to roll around if needed to another room.

100% Safe: Our space heaters are completely safe with “zero” tolerance. This means that nobody – important with children and older folks – will get burned, and the space heater will not produce a temperature at the grill sufficient to start a fire – even with zero clearance! CSA and ETL approved.

We Recommend the Sun Cloud Solar Comfort space heater. For home or office use, we do not think you can beat this excellent quality unit. There are imitators of this heater; however, this unit is the latest in an evolution of design that, with its extensive, 25+ year track record, provides a handsome heater with quality of construction, efficiency and durability. “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Solar Comfort Sun Cloud Space Heater.

It is typical that we personally use the products that we endorse. The Sun Cloud “soft heat” space heater is no exception. There are products in life that are “great products” and this is one of them. The Sun Cloud has superior construction with an all- natural wood exterior case. Inside, only the finest materials are used – including a galvanized chassis, a patented, venturi-tube heat exchanger, quiet, long-running fan, commercial infrared heat lamps, commercial-grade thermostats and a permanent, washable, commercial-grade intake filter. The entire unit glides on full-swivel casters for easy placement or movement.

Another advantage of the Sun Cloud space heater is that it will fit effortlessly into almost any decor. It can be seen that this unit is neither old or geeky looking as is the case with so many of the traditionally-styled space heaters, nor, does it have the swirls and curves of some of the “modern” heaters. It looks exactly like a piece of furniture because it is a piece of furniture! It works very well as an end table in a living room/rec room situation. If you wish to play checkers on top of it while it is running – go ahead!

The Sun Cloud provides an elegant solution to a traditional problem – how to raise the temperature in indoor spaces without either installing plumbing or putting in a humidity-removing/drying heater that may put pollutants into the environment (kerosene heaters, etc.). It is a well-crafted solution to an age-old problem and you will greatly appreciate its abilities to safely, quietly and “softly” raise the indoor temperature without drying out the environment!

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