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Portable Space Heaters – Suggestions

  • What is a Sun Cloud Solar Comfort Portable Infrared Space Heater?
    Solar Comfort is a revolutionary electronic zone furnace that safely and efficiently heats entire areas that need additional heat.
  • What makes the Sun Cloud different?
    There are three major heating systems in existence today. The first is combustion, or the burning of a given fuel, i.e. natural gas, wood, oil, etc. The second is resistance, or the process of applying an electrical current to a coil or resistor which produces heat, i.e. base board and electric space heaters. The third is the use of infrared light energy, which is similar to the way the sun heats the earth. The Sun Cloud uses safe infrared absorption to efficiently convert electrical power into even, economical zone or area heating.
  • How does the comfort of Sun Cloud compare to other systems?
    The Sun Cloud is a state of the art system that provides the most comfortable form of heat. Unlike traditional systems, which may leave a differential of up to 18 degrees from floor to ceiling, the Sun Cloud heated air, using infrared absorption, does not concentrate near the ceiling. Heat stays down and evenly disperses in the area where you and your family live. Temperature difference from floor to ceiling is minimal. In addition, the Sun Cloud does not remove humidity from the air. It actually helps maintain humidity levels. The even heating and higher humidity permit lower heat settings with more comfort, less condensation on windows, and less static electricity. Furthermore, the Sun Cloud does not use flame, fuel or any form of combustion. Therefore, the heat from the Sun Cloud is safe and clean – free of fumes or any other type of pollution and does not use up the oxygen in the air.
  • Economically, how does the Sun Cloud compare to other systems?
    The Sun Cloud system is the most economical way to heat. In Midwestern utility field tests for heating seasons, the Solar Comfort used an average of 35% less energy than conventional electric furnace/baseboard systems. Comparable results were found during comparisons with fuel-based heating systems. Individual results, of course, depend on insulation values, local climate, and other conditions.
  • How much does a Sun Cloud cost?
    The Sun Cloud unit and cabinet, which heats an area of 500-800 square feet, is $499.
  • Why does the Sun Cloud cost more than space heaters?
    It is important to realize that the Sun Cloud is not a space heater. It is a furnace in every respect. A space heater only has the capacity to heat a small space (i.e. under a desk). The Sun Cloud, like a central heating system, will heat an entire area evenly and efficiently. This allows the unit to be a supplemental source of heat. Furthermore, the Sun Cloud is safe. It will not start a fire or burn you if you touch it. Because of the reduced energy consumption, and the unit’s high level of safety and comfort, Sun Cloud users agree that it is the best value available.
  • Why is the Sun Cloud safe?
    The Sun Cloud has no flame or fumes. Its safe, clean infrared lamps provide the energy. Extensive testing at C.S.A. (Canada) and E.T.L. (Europe) has verified the safety of the Sun Cloud. Due to its safe operating temperature, the Sun Cloud unit may be placed next to flammable materials with no safety clearance needed.
  • How long has the Sun Cloud been around?
    The Sun Cloud technology was developed over 20 years ago. There are now more than 100,000 units operating in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Why doesn’t heat from Sun Cloud rise like conventional heating systems?
    It is important to first understand how conventional heating systems operate. These systems produce superheated air (i.e. extreme temperatures during the burning or resistance process) which rises to the top of the room instantly and wastefully collects until the air cools and falls. In contrast, the Sun Cloud’s use of infrared absorption allows it to heat (energize the air in the room) without the use of superheated air, eliminating the stratification of hot and cold air. The Sun Cloud heats an area evenly, keeping heat down where you and your family live.
  • What kind of warranty does it have?
    The Sun Cloud has an extensive 3 year parts warranty – including lamps. The unit has no moving parts except the fan. It also has trouble-free solid-state controls. There are no burners to rust, corrode, or adjust, and no pilot light to waste energy.
  • How much power does the Sun Cloud draw?The Sun Cloud unit uses 1500 watts.We Recommend the Sun Cloud Cozy space heater. For home or office use, we do not think you can beat this excellent quality unit. There are imitators of this heater; however, this unit is the latest in an evolution of design that, with its extensive, 25+ year track record, provides quality if construction, efficiency and durability. If you would like to understand better the basic design features of a “soft heat” electric space heater, please “click” here to connect to our webpage on Information on Space Heaters.It is typical that we personally use the products that we endorse. The Sun Cloud “soft heat” space heater is no exception. There are products in life that are “great products” and this is one of them. The Sun Cloud has superior construction with an all-natural wood exterior case. Inside, only the finest materials are used – including a galvanized chassis, a massive heat exchanger with over 200 hollow, venturi tubes, quiet, long-running fans, commercial quartz infrared heat lamps (user changeable in a few minutes), commercial-grade thermostats and a permanent, washable, commercial-grade intake filter. The entire unit glides on full-swivel casters for easy placement or movement and weighs 69 pounds (a testament to the quality and efficiency of this heater – most of the competition have units weighing only half of that).

    Another advantage of the Sun Cloud Cozy space heater is that it will fit effortlessly into almost any decor. It can be seen that this unit is neither old or geeky looking as is the case with so many of the traditionally-styled space heaters, nor, does it have the swirls and curves of some of the “modern” heaters. It looks exactly like a piece of furniture because it is a piece of furniture! It works very well as an end table in a living room/rec room situation. If you wish to play checkers on top of it while it is running – go ahead!

    The Sun Cloud Cozy provides an elegant solution to a traditional problem – how to raise the temperature in indoor spaces without either installing plumbing or putting in a humidity-removing/drying heater that may put pollutants into the environment (kerosene heaters, etc.). It is a well-crafted solution to an age-old problem and you will greatly appreciate its abilities to safely, quietly and “softly” raise the indoor temperature without drying out the environment!

    The “Soft Heat” Sun Cloud Cozy space heater essentially duplicates the way Nature heats when it warms the Earth to provide a soft, convection-like heat. Essentially, it works to heat the air through infrared heating lamps – much like the rays of the sun providing warmth. The air is drawn into the rear of the space heater through a filter which will help to protect the inside elements from dust and grime. It is then circulated through four 375-watt infrared lamps, after which the heat exchanger is impregnated with the heated air. From there the air is exhausted through the front grill to effectively heat the indoor environment. There is no drying effects – it is “soft heat”!

    The result – even, soft heat that is normally balanced between floor and ceiling by no more than a few degrees difference.

    The Sun Cloud Cozy space heater is completely safe with “zero” tolerance. This means that even children will not get burned and the space heater could be placed up against a sofa, etc. and run all night without danger of combustion. That’s peace of mind!

    The Sun Cloud provides safe, even, economical electric heat in indoor areas. This is accomplished with a handsome, solid-wood, furniture-likeheater that fits into almost any decor and nicely doubles as an end table.

    The Sun Cloud cabinet is made of hardwoods for durability and a pleasing appearance (not plastic or bare metal). The inside chassis is made of galvanized to ensure a lifetime, rust-free construction and the heat exchangers is solid metal to guarantee effective, fast heat transfer.

    The Sun Cloud uses high-efficiency commercial, quartz infrared heat lamps to produce a soft, radiant heat; yet, it operate on any 110V circuit providing 12.6 amps. It does not remove any humidity from the air and can effectively heat from 300 up to 800 square feet.

    These heaters will raise the indoor air temperature passing through the unit by approximately 120 degrees F but are safe for children and pets. They filter the air with a intake filter – this helps keep the inside of the heater clean. Of course, the temperature can be set with the commercial-grade, built-in thermostat to achieve the optimum temperature for your particular environment. The fan operation is quiet and efficient.

    This product is, in every respect, a winner! If you need safe heat indoors in a particular room or area the Sun Cloud is the answer. We know of no other method of so quickly, quietly, safely, effectively and economically providing supplementary heat to an indoor environment.

  • What is a PureHeat Space Heater?
    • We now offer the PureHeat line of Space Heaters as providing a smaller alternative to the Sun Cloud Heaters. After thorough testing, we decided that these heaters not only offer a highly effective, compact heating design in a “put-anywhere” heater (in black or white to suit the décor); but, they integrate a state-of-the art air purification mode that can be used with or without the heat being “on”. If you’re looking for a compact, solidly engineered heater with leading edge air purification technology built right in, order the PureHeat!
    • PureHeat is the most complete and advanced space heating system on the market. It heats using a cutting-edge, lifetime guaranteed PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) element that heats the air efficiently without drying it out. It purifies your air with PCO technology that features a high power germicidal UVC bulb. This bulb creates a purifying plasma that reduces mold, bacteria, and viruses (even on surfaces) so the months spent with doors and windows closed no longer means months spent in a stuffy indoor environment.
    • Perhaps the best of pureHeat’s features, is that when the weather is warm it can still be used as an air purifier. Just press the purifier button and enjoy the vast benefits of active air and surface purification year-round!
    • Energy efficiency and safety are two key benefits of the pureHeat line of heaters. The PTC heating element in each pureHeat warms to only a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Traditional ceramic heaters, in contrast, heat to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, the lower element heat amounts to a more even heat, lower energy costs, as well as eliminating the risk of fire. When used in a zone-heating strategy, pureHeat can reduce your winter energy bills by up to 50%!

PureHeat is designed to provide years of trouble-free service when used and maintained according to the Owner’s Manual. “Click Here” to go to the page for PureHeat Space Heaters.