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Outdoor Power Equipment – Suggestion

Here we will present a lot of long-winded, probably boring information on Outdoor Power Equipment. If you are interested, you can read on – it is likely that you will become further enlightened:

Since Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) involves a lot of different types of equipment, we will break the following suggestions down into their main, respective categories (this is a loong webpage – scroll down to view the different categories).

Note: We are typically/always both an Authorized Warranty as well as Authorized Service Center for the brands we represent.

This includes engines. We are an Authorized Warranty Center for the following engine manufacturers: Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasakai, Kohler, Kioritz (Echo), Suzuki and Tecumseh. In particular, we are a Master Technical Center for Briggs & Stratton (the 1st in New Jersey to be so appointed ) – a coveted designation awarded only upon completion of the most stringent testing procedures. As contrasted with Briggs & Stratton Servicing Centers, there are only a handful of such Master Technical Centers in the USA. We are your engine troubleshooting and repair center!

If you wish to purchase engines from us; or, need engine parts or service for the brands listed above, please contact us for such information:

  • Chainsaws:We stock Echo gas & Stihl gas and electric chainsaws.Echo is a division of Kioritz in Japan, which is the industry leader for small, high-quality, two-cycle engines such as are used on line trimmers, back pack and hand-held blowers, chainsaws, etc.Echo meets the criteria for a good-quality chainsaw: High power, low weight & low vibration. Echo saws have legendary durability. All Echo chainsaws – from a small unit with a 12-inch bar up to a large, top-of-the-line chainsaw with a 36-inch bar or bigger – provide ease of starting, coupled with a tough, long-lasting construction. Echo’s products are used extensively by landscaping professionals.“Click” here to connect to our webpage on Echo chainsaws.Stihl is the industry leader in gas chain saws. One of the most important, primary differences between Stihl and Echo is that a Stihl chainsaw will typically cut much faster than a comparable Echo chainsaw. Since speed is a major requirement of an arborist or commercial user, Stihl is the chainsaw of choice for the professional user. There are other differences, of course; but, suffice it to say that the homeowner or moderate commercial user will be well-served by a Stihl chainsaw. We could well spend this whole page on Stihl chainsaws – suffice it to say that Stihl OWNS the international chainsaw market.
  • Cut-off Saws:The undisputed leader for cut-off saws is Stihl. A cut-off saw is used to cut concrete, rebar, pavers, sidewalks, etc. – anywhere materials such as are listed above need to be cut.A good cut-off saw needs to be tough, efficient, powerful, fast and lightweight. Stihl cut-off saws excel in every respect. Stihl provides the industry-standard for cut-off saws – “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl cut-off saws.
  • Chipper/shredder – gas powered: A good chipper/shredder must satisfy two criteria: It must work as fast as possible and it must be designed and constructed in such a way so as to last a long time under demanding usage. A poor quality chipper/shredder will satisfy neither of the above criteria. It simply is not a good tool and will not stand up to any degree of usage. If you are going to buy a chipper/shredder – get a good one and it will last indefinitely. We offer chipper/shredders from 5hp-size average homeowner usage models that will chip up to 3 inches all the way up to PTO models designed to operate off of a medium-size tractor.Chipper/shredders are largely a seasonal item for us – anything we do not stock we can get within about a week. One other word on chipper-shredders: the average unit does not effectively handle leaves.One last word: do not try to shred vines, corn husks or other long, fibrous material with a chipper/shredder – the vines will simply wrap around the hammers in the shredding chamber and you will steam away as you try to remove them.
  • Cultivator/Tiller:Honda makes one of the best lines of cultivators and tillers in the industry. Period. We like to tell our customers that, when it comes to Honda Outdoor Power Equipment products, one of the finest automobile manufacturers in the world also makes Outdoor Power Equipment. Same company, same philosophies, same excellence, same engine know-how, etc. Thus, we explain our dogmatic statement above. “Click” here to go to our webpage on Honda cultivators and tillers. We also carry the Stihl Cultivator. Like the Mantis it uses a (Stihl’s, of course) 2-cycle engine. Excellent unit. “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Stihl Cultivator.
  • Hedge trimmers – electric & gas:We carry two types of hedge trimmers as noted above – both made by commercial OPE manufacturers and used either by the landscape professional or by the residential user demanding better quality than the “highway store” brands.In the electric hedge trimmer line we carry Little Wonder & Stihl. Little Wonder makes commercial products – gasoline edgers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers (electric and gas) and the Mantis cultivator. They are an established manfacturer in the commercial ope industry with a reputation for quality products that perform well and last a long time. A commercial user hardly needs an introduction to a Little Wonder electric hedge trimmer – it has been the mainstay product of this type for over twenty years. For the residential, first-time user, it enables for extremely fast, smooth, trouble-free trimming of hedges and shrubs. It so is far a better piece of equipment than the traditional “highway store” (B&D-brand) type of unit that it is hard to actually explain how great is the difference. The using proves it, and, suffice it to say that for normal residential use the product will last indefinitely. Popular sizes are 19-inch double blade and 24-inch single and double blade. Occasionally we sell a 30-inch single blade electric for the user with a lot of hedges, etc.“Click” here to connect to our webpage on Little Wonder.We also carry the Stihl electric hedgetrimmer which, in recent years, has become our most popular hedge trimmer for home use. It embodies typical Stihl quality and the homeowners love it.“Click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl hedge trimmers.

    In the gas hedge trimmer we carry Little Wonder, Echo and Stihl.

    The Little Wonder unit uses an Echo (Kioritz) engine (of course, so does the Echo product!).In the Little Wonder we typically stock a 24″ double-sided and a 30″ single-sided gas hedge trimmer. These are very powerful, durable pieces of equipment – a bit heavy and normally sold only to commercial users, etc.

    In the Echo our most popular unit is an HC-1500 with a 20-inch blade. Of course, Echo makes a number of other models; but, we recommend and sell mostly the HC-1500. We also sell Echo extended reach and articulating hedge trimmers.

    In the Stihl line we carry an 18″ unit, two 24″ trimmers and, also, extended reach hedge trimmers. We also carry the Stihl electric hedge trimmer which, today, is our most popular electric hedge trimmer.

    “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Little Wonder, and “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Echo. “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl.

  • Electric lawnmower – :In the electric lawnmower category we carry only one brand – Toro. Toro is the largest manufacturer in the industry of OPE, and they make an excellent line of machines. They use the same design features on their electric lawnmowers that they use on their large commercial riding tractors; so, the product is designed right. In addition, there is no difficulty in obtaining parts and/or service on the Toro electrics – in distinction to the “highway” store brands such as Black and Decker or Sunbeam where parts and/or service, historically, is difficult if not impossible to obtain.
  • Lawnmower – gas – commercial intermediate walk-behindWe sell Ferris & Toro intermediate walk-behind commercial mowers.Ferris produces an extremely rugged machine which will unflinchingly take the pounding that it is given by most commercial users. Such mowers are designed one of two ways – (1) either using a belt system to drive the wheels or, preferably (2) using a hydrostatic drive(s) to drive the wheels. We predominately sell the hydro units as there are no belts to stretch or break (therefore, no belt replacement!) or to slip in wet grass. As well, a hydro-walk Ferris operates with finger-tip control – eliminating most of the repetitive, wrist and finger effort of a regular, belt-driven, walk-behind. We will not take up additional space here describing the all the features of the Ferris line. We suggest you contact us about Ferris equipment.Toro is the industry leader in commercial Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE). Toro’s engineering is leading edge and their products are universally used by the large commercial users including State and Municipal. Speaking generally, you cannot buy better products.Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Toro mowers.Please contact us with questions on the Ferris commercial mower.
  • Lawnmower – gas – commercial rider:While we carry the Toro ZMaster commercial riders, our largest selling commercial rider by far is the Walker zero-turn, rider mower. Through unparalleled excellence of design, Walker is the most successful manufacturer of compact, commercial riding mowers for the lawn maintenance professional.Walker riding mowers embody the following: Dual hydrostatic wheel motors bolted directly to each of the two, large drive wheels. Dual hydrostatic drives enable for zero-radius turning – the rider literally turns on a dime instantly in any direction. By directly attaching the hydro drive to each wheel the manufacturer totally eliminates the usual hoses that are necessary in designs where the hydro is separate from the wheel. No hose cracking, breaking, leaking and/or replacements!An outfront cutting deck: The grass is cut before the rider’s wheels drive over it and mat it down. Also, the operator can clearly see exactly where he or she is cutting. It is easy to cut under overhanging bushes, etc. The cutting deck is slung independently from the rider itself – such a deck “floats” and, since it moves independently from the main rider chassis, is not affected by a circumstance which might result in the rider being at a different angle on the terrain than is the cutting deck. Thus, a perfect cut with no scalping.The cutting deck easily lifts up 90 degrees on end and locks onto the main rider chassis. This allows for quick, easy sharpening of or changing blades, etc. The blades are precisely timed to each other and overlap to prevent the common “mohawking” (leaving a ridge of uncut grass) of many riders and walk-behinds.The most popular model Walker riders employ a built-in Grass Handling System (GHS) whereby a heavy-duty fan underneath the chassis pulls grass clippings, leaves, etc. through a tunnel from the cutting deck and then disperses the debris via an oscillating discharge tube into a large, rear hopper. When the hopper is full an alarm is actuated – alerting the operator that the hopper is full. The hopper empties smoothly and easily by swinging open a spring loaded door and then tilting the entire hopper. Due to the careful design of the entire GHS – from the timed, overlapping blades to the fan and discharge components – the Walker rider mower delivers a highly professional, smooth, consistent cut and cleanly vacuums the lawn at the same time.

    The entire top chassis lifts effortlessly with spring-assisted pistons to instantly enable access to every mechanical component on the rider – from the hydros to the engine, tank, belts, etc.

    The motion of the Walker is entirely controlled by two levers that are controlled by slight hand movements while the operator’s hands rest comfortably in his/her lap. There is no need to push or to hold the levers forward to make the machine “go” – the forward speed is set by the operator by another lever placed close by the right thigh and does not have to be held once set. The Walker moves forward, backward, spins and turns in any direction instantly.

    It cuts so fast that one man can easily mow what it would take several men with 36-inch or 48-inch walk-behinds to accomplish in the same time frame. In addition, most if not all of the trimming normally done by another operator with a line trimmer can usually be done by the Walker as it enables flush cutting right up to and along side of garden beds, fences and other obstructions.

    The Walker rider is a fantastic machine. In our area it is usually the “dream machine” for new landscape operators. In many instances, a landscape maintenance business owner can reduce weekly cut times by 30% to 40% by using one Walker. While we do not like to see people losing jobs, a Walker rider can frequently replace one man on a three-man crew. We often see a single owner/operator businessman maintaining all his accounts entirely by himself with his/her Walker rider.

    Another major advantage to using a Walker rider is that the fatigue level normally associated with trudging after an intermediate walk-behind can be reduced to almost nothing. Just sit on the Walker rider and “wiggle your fingers” to make it go. Sound to good to be true? Come in and try a demo!

    One last note: the Walker Manufacturing Company is an extremely stable, mid-Western, Christian-owned firm that stands firmly behind its product. They are innovative, zealous, and a great firm with which to do business! Walker customers are happy, satisfied customers.

    “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Walker rider mower.

    The Toro ZMaster is also a great zero-radius commercial rider. With a 7-gauge fabricated steel cutting deck, ground speeds of over 11 mph (!) and a muscular, 23 hp motor on the popular 48″ unit, it’s a hot favorite. While the Walker rider is our most popular unit for standard residential use, the Toro ZMaster is typically used for larger areas.

    In 2008 Toro released the Grandstand stander mower. This combines Toro’s industry-leading engineering muscle and know-how with the speed and manuverability of a stander mower. With Toro’s industry-standard TurboForce deck, a unique suspension system to provide needed operator comfort, perfect out-front visibility and a low center of gravity the Grandstand has literally redefined the stander market.

    Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Toro ZMaster, the Toro Grandstand and other Toro products.

  • Residential walk-behind lawnmowers:We carry Honda and Toro residential (and, commercial) walk-behind lawnmowers. For over twenty years we have also sold Lawn Boy lawn mowers; however, Toro (which now owns Lawn Boy) has modified the Lawn Boy line to the point that it is now really aimed only at mass merchandiser distribution – it doesn’t have the necessary level of quality that we believe is necessary. Of course, we’ve sold a lot of Lawn Boys over the years, and, we still fix ’em.Toro is the largest manufacturer of lawnmowers in the OPE industry. “Click” here to connect to our Toro webpage.The top-rated lawnmowers, typically, are made by Honda – please “Click” here to connect to our Honda webpage.Honda offers distinct advantages that are usually not found with any other manufacturer’s equipment: Honda typically makes the best 4-cycle engines in the OPE industry. Honda uses either their OHV (OverHeadValve) series engine which is built with a cast-iron cylinder sleeve, or an OHC OverHeadCam) engine. An OHV engine will use about 30% less gas and about 50% less oil than a standard side-valve engine. The cast-iron cylinder sleeve greatly increases the engine’s life expectancy over a regular engine – as much as two to three times!Honda uses various materials for their cutting decks. A Honda Master series mower (now discontinued) used a commercial-grade, cast-aluminum chassis that would pretty much last indefinitely. Aluminum is the historic deck material of choice for residential mowers as it is rigid and won’t rust or rot like a steel deck. The Honda aluminum deck was so strongly built that it was almost overbuilt.

    Honda made the best drive system in the OPE industry on a Master series machine. The Master series Honda lawnmower uses an automotive-type, shaft-drive system to propel each of the gear-driven rear wheels There are no belts, no rubber discs, no drive pulleys, etc. – nothing to slip or to stretch and then need replacement. The drive works like an automobile drive and, as a sealed drive system, is, largely, maintenance-free. This drive is used today by Honda only on their commercial HRC series mowers.

    Honda invented the blade safety brake system that is now by law used on all residential walk-behind lawnmowers. Honda originally invented a Blade-Brake-Clutch system whereby the engine always runs – i.e., the engine declutches from the blade when the blade stops – the engine does not stop. The annoying need to constantly restart a lawnmower when emptying the bag, walking away from the machine momentarily to move something, etc. is eliminated. The blade brake is so powerful that the blade stops instantly when the handle control is released – in under a second! Most mowers are closer to 3 seconds.

    A Honda grass bag lifts off the mower in one easy movement. There are no latches, snaps, zippers or ties! The bag empties smoothly and completely.

    We have been carrying the Honda lawnmower since its inception in the early 1980s and our customers repeatedly tell us that it is the best lawnmower they have ever used. Honda today uses both steel and Nexite (polymer) cutting decks. The preferred deck – and that which is used on their premium mowers (the ones we sell) – is made of Nexite. The late-series Honda decks – such as are found on the HRX series machines (the ones we stock) incorporate and industry-leading lever-and-baffle design (the Clip Deflector) whereby the operator can instantly “tune” the lawnmower to go from full bagging to full mulching (and, anywhere in between) simply by positioning a lever mounted on the top of the cutting deck. This is easy, useful and works great!

    The entry-level machines (we don’t stock ’em) use belt/gear drive systems and many models feature “zone start” whereby the engine and the blade both stop when the handle safety control lever are released. We stock the Hydrostatic drive models – the HRX series. This provides total, effortless and precise control of the walking speed, and is greatly appreciated by our customers. This is a premium lawnmower for the demanding user.

    The Honda Overhead Cam (OHC) engine is now the standard engine on Honda lawnmowers.

    “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Honda Lawnmower.

    Toro makes an entry-level line of mowers – we carry, instead, the premium Toro Super Recycler with aluminum cutting decks and advanced design features and engines. You get what you pay for! These are superb lawnmowers. They will instantly go from full mulching (with an industry-leading mulching design) to bagging to discharging in under half a minute with no tools!

    The Super Recycler also incorporates Toro’s heralded Personal Pace drive system, which mates a commecial-grade drivebox with a totally ergonomic, effortless drive control design.

    “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Toro Super Recycler lawnmower.

  • Leaf Blower – Gas Backpack blower: We stock both Echo and Stihl gas backpack blowers.Echo is the industry leader for high-quality, commercial-grade, 2-cycle OPE products – they are the #1 choice of the commercial landscaper. Stihl is used much more by the municipalities and counties. The secret of Echo’s success is the quality of their engine. Echo is a division of Kioritz, a Japanese engine manufacturer (did we already say that?). Kioritz is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small, 2-cycle engines for commercial use.Being a Japanese manufacturer, Echo excels in design and manufacturing quality. Echo manufactures a full line of gas backpack blowers for both commercial and home use. By buying the industry-leader in commercial-grade 2-cycle products and using it residentially, the assurance is that the product will not only perform very well; but, it will last a very, very long time. I personally have had a well-used Echo hand-held gas blower that was born in the early 1990’s and was still operating perfectly when I sold it at the end of 2009.The same level of durability applies to an Echo gas backpack blower – or, to any OPE product made by Echo. Of course, the commercial user need hardly be sold on Echo products – he or she is probably already using Echo equipment.Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Echo products.Stihl, of course, carries a name that needs little introduction. Stihl is a German firm and all their products embody typical German quality. A Stihl backpak blower offers a very smooth, very flexible and easy-to-use product. Our most popular Stihl backpack blower – the 600 series – features a unique, “4-mix” engine that greatly reduces emissions.

    Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl products.

  • Leaf Blower – Ground (walk-behind) blower:We carry two manufacturers’ lines of ground leaf blowers – Little Wonder and Giant Vac. Depending on the circumstances under which the equipment is to be used, we recommend particular models from each manufacturer’s model line.For smaller to mid-size residential properties we suggest the Giant Vac 5hp model 52. This is a compact, welded, 12-gauge plate-steel blower with a 5hp Briggs & Stratton engine. It uses a 1/4inch plate steel fan for power and durability, and is equipped with air tires for ease of use (hard rubber tires on a ground blower result in a situation whereby, as the tires become trapped in imperfections in the lawn surface and in rooted areas, it requires a good shove to move the ground blower forward. With air tires, in contradistinction, the ground blower “floats” across the lawn. Much easier!). It will blow both to the front as well as to the side for maximum versatility.”Unfortunately, Giant Vac has gone out of business. Please “click here” to go to Little Wonder for your ground blower needs.For any other application – whether commercial use or larger residential lawns (especially with a lot of leaves) – we unreservedly recommend the Little Wonder leaf blower – typically we carry, for larger properties, 9 hp and up models (they do make a 6hp residential model that we stock). Little Wonder makes models with an 9 hp Subaru (industrial commercial) engine, a 9 hp Honda engine, a 10 hp B&S engine, and a 13 hp Honda engine.Little Wonder ground leaf blowers employ a unique, patent-pending design. By working very closely with aeronautical engineers, Little Wonder has drastically improved the aerodynamic intake characteristics of this line of leaf blowers. This high volume of air coming into the fan chamber is then forcefully propelled by a uniquely-shaped fan that hurls the air into a natural, centrifigal action. Then, going a step further, the blower utilizes a unique feature at the discharge opening to split the discharge air stream into two, parallel, upper and lower air stream patterns. The result is that an extremely forceful, high-volume, dual airflow is achieved. No other ground blower in the industry achieves these velocities.

    When this airstream discharges from the blower, the bottom air stream ‘digs’ underneath the leaves and propels them forcefully while the upper air stream acts to prevent a ‘blowback’, or, recycle pattern – it serves to keep the leaves moving. This latter, blowback problem is one from which all leafblowers have historically suffered, and it has always considerably limited the distance to which leaves can be blown.

    The differences are astonishing — the Little Wonder’s performance is so great – and we have the test results to prove it. Our commercial users all report awesome results compared to what they have been accustomed to using for many years, and now these machines are available for home use, as well. It is a thoroughly impressive design, and anyone interested in removing a large volume of leaves in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of effort will greatly appreciate the design of the new Little Wonder High Performance series of ground leaf blowers.Sound impressive? It is.

    “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Little Wonder products.

  • Leaf blowers – hand gas blowersWe sell both Echo and Stihl hand gas leaf blowers. See our information above in the section on Backpack leaf blowers to understand Echo quality. Echo makes a completely balanced, smooth and powerful hand gas blower that will last the average homeowner probably 15-20 years or more. We think that Echo and Stihl hand blowers are “kissing cousins” and unreservedly recommend either one.“Click” here to connect to our webpage on Echo OPE products.Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl OPE products.
  • Line trimmer/weedwacker:Over the years we have sold a variety of manufacturers’ lines of line trimmers – Echo, Maruyama, Solo, Toro & Stihl – however, today our two premium lines are Echo and Stihl. Year to year,our largest-selling line of line trimmers (funny, huh?) is the Echo. Simply, they are the industry leader for commercial-use (landscapers) line trimmers, and they make a number of models for home use, as well. See our information above in our Echo Backpack blower section to understand Echo quality.As with most OPE products, one of the key factors to designing and building a good product is to critically maintain a low weight to high power ratio. Echo excels at this. In addition, a reliable engine is needed – Echo is an industry leader in small, high quality 2-cycle engines. Smooth, vibration-free performance is also desirable – Echo answers all the above criteria with no problem!If you need to better understand the differences between bent-shaft and straight-shaft line trimmers, “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Outdoor Power Equipment Information and go to the section on line trimmers.To connect to our webpage on Echo OPE, please “Click” here.Stihl manufactures a superior line of trimmers/brushcutters – equal in every way to the Echo products. As mentioned earlier on this webpage, we find that Echo products here locally are used more by the commercial landscaper while Stihl products are used by municipalities, etc.

    Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl products.

  • Power Source or Kombi Systems:A Power Source (Echo) or Kombi System (Stihl) is a smart, innovative way to provide the end user (you!) with a simple way to own and use a variety of OPE products – i.e., line trimmer, hedge trimmer, pole pruner, etc. – using only one engine.In this design, the user selects a power unit which is typically a two-cycle engine such as is used on a line trimmer attached to an abbreviated shaft (a shaft design such as would be used on a line trimmer; but, shorter). A connection device allows for implements such as noted above to be quickly attached to the power unit. By changing implements, different tasks can be accomplished.This saves $$ because the end user buys only one engine – instead of a number of products each with its own engine.Please “click” here to connect to our webpage on Echo Power Products, and “click” here to connect to our webpage on Stihl Power Products.
  • Outdoor Gas Vacuums:
    We typically suggest one Outdoor Gas Vacuum – Parker! Parker has a full range of gas (& battery-powered) vacuums for cleaning parking lots, warehouses, etc. Their equipment is properly built to withstand constant commercial use, and there are a host of options available such as intake hoses, etc. that increase the versatility of the machine. Our most popular Parker Outdoor Gas Vacuum is the Vac-35 – usually with an 8 hp Kohler gasoline, cast-iron engine. This unit features pneumatic (air) tires with a front swiveling caster, and a platform to support the large collector bag (this, latter feature increases bag life expectancy). It has an five-blade, non-sparking (aluminum) impeller and it will ferociously gobble glass bottles, cans, dirt and dust, and almost any other kind of debris found on a parking lot, etc.The Parker Vac is a very durable, powerful, easy-to-use machine. We do not know of any other outdoor vacuum built with the Parker quality.Contact us for information on the Parker line of Gas and/or Propane powered Litter Vacuums
  • Pole (Power) Pruner:
    A Pole Pruner is a motorized device that simply allows for pruning of lower tree branches without climbing into the tree. It resembles an unusually long line trimmer with a chainsaw bar and chain on the business end of it. We carry Echo and Stihl pole pruners which come in two basic configurations. In its standard form, the pruner has a 3 – 5 foot range; in its most popular configuration, the Pole Pruner extends a bit over 11 feet. A pole pruner is a real handy tool for anyone regularly pruning trees.To connect to our webpage on Echo pole pruners, please “click” here. To connect to our webpage on Stihl OPE products “click” here.
  • Pressure Washers:
    We sell only one pressure washer model line – Kranzle. Kranzle is a German manufacturer of pressure washers and their equipment is the finest in the world.The most immediate difference between a good quality and a poor quality pressure washer is the pump. The best pumps are solid brass with ceramic-coated pistons for durability. A cheap pressure washer is usually made just that way – “cheap” – and, if it is used with any regularity at all, the pump will give out. It is typically also very difficult to obtain parts/service on “highway store” pressure washers – a local servicing dealer normally carries no parts as that dealer is not selling a mass-merchant brand of pressure washer. Likewise, the mass merchant does not stock parts nor do they service what they sell.So, a word to the wise on the average pressure washer.A good pressure washer, therefore, will produce a steady, high output and will last a long time. A pressure washer is rated both on GPM (gallons/per/minute) and also by PSI pounds/square inch). Pressure washers come in three basic configurations: (1) cold water (2) hot water and (3) steam. They are powered either by an electric motor or, typically, by a gas engine.For constant commercial use the norm is to use an 11 hp, gas-powered , cold-water generator (preferably driven by a Honda engine) that will produce up to 3,000 psi. This would be a unit used, as an example, by someone who is washing decks and siding for a living. For moderate or irregular commercial use, a cold-water unit with a 5 hp engine (again, preferably, a Honda engine) can be used; and, for residential applications, our most popular Kranzle cold-water pressure washer is a 110V, electric, 1,650 psi unit.Kranzle also manufactures a spectrum of accessories that range from nozzles for cleaning/unclogging leader/gutters/drains/sewers, nozzles for cleaning under vehicles, nozzles for cleaning houses or vehicles to a nozzle for wet sandblasting.

    A pressure washer is a handy tool to have around a house – there are a myriad of tasks to which it can apply from keeping sidewalks, patios, pool areas and decks clean to washing outdoor furniture, vehicles, the house proper, etc.

    Please “click” here to connect to our webpage on the excellent line of Kranzle pressure washers!

  • Snowblowers:We carry two lines of snowblowers – Honda and Toro. Honda is arguably the premium manufacturer of most types of Outdoor Power Equipment, and this applies to their snowblowers, as well. Toro is the largest manufacturer in the OPEI (Outdoor Power Equipment Industry), and they make a solid line of equipment.For small to average size residential properties with relatively flat surfaces (i.e., the driveway does not have a steep incline) we usually suggest either a Honda or a Toro single-stage, paddle-propelled snowblower. The Honda units, of course, use a 5hp OHC Honda engine and are very efficient. The Toro machines typically use a commercial-grade 2-cycle engine.The single-stage design ensures that there is no loss of inertia when the snow is picked up and discharged (i.e., the snow is picked up and discharged in one direct movement) and this results in a powerful discharge action. As well, the rubber inserts, or, “paddles”, literally “squeegee” the surface clean. These same paddles also serve to propel the snowblower forward – a design that works very well and entirely eliminates chains, gears, shear pins, etc. such as are found on the twin-stage variety.These snowblowers are also nice and compact – easy to handle – and effortless to start. They store in a minimal area when not in use and can be readily transported. They are also, typically, as little as half the price of a twin-stage unit and, while we do not ever wish to curtail your desire to spend $ with us, the savings is kinda nice, too.Please “click” here to connect to our webpage on Honda snowblowers and “click” here to connect to our webpage on Toro snowblowers.

    For larger areas, driveways with inclines, etc. or for clearing snow from surfaces with gravel, we suggest the Honda or Toro twin-stage snowblower. Such a unit provides several advantages over a single-stage machine:

    Transmission propelled. A snowblower with a separate transmission always provides better propelling action than a paddle propelled machine. Toro uses a solidly-designed, 6-forward-speed and 2-reverse-speed gearing system. This breaks down the range of walking speeds into more definitive selections – enabling the user to more precisely adjust the walking speed to the snow conditions. As well, a second reverse speed is very convenient when backing up more than a few feet.

    Honda uses an industry-leading hydrostatic (fluid) drive system instead of a gear-drive system. A hydrostatic drive allows for precise walking speed to match the snow conditions. A hydrostatic drive is controlled by a single lever that moves smoothly back and forth on the control panel to instantly adjust forward or reverse speed.

    Honda uses either wheels or tracks on the twin-stage models. The wheels models use a soft, knobbly, “underfilled” tire that is real “grabby” on the pavement, etc. and eliminates the use of chains. Chains mark the driveway and make a snowblower awkward to handle. To date, Toro uses wheel-propelled twin-stage machines only – not track-propelled.

    The track models use a caterpillar tread similar to that on a bulldozer. This track design enables the snowblower to go virtually anywhere including up a ladder onto a roof to remove the weight of accumulated snow, up a terraced landscaped, etc. As well, the track models have a control lever on the operator’s panel that allows for full, instant adjustment on the front auger assembly of the machine up and down. This allows for normal position for clearing snow from driveways, walkways, etc. The lower positions angle the auger assembly aggressively down onto the surface to aid in removing hard-packed or icy snow The higher positions, by lifting the auger a bit off of the surface to be cleaned, immediately enable the snowblower to remove snow off of a gravel surface without picking up the gravel or to be used on any uneven surface (pavers, belgian block, etc.) or even grassy areas.

    A high-end twin-stage snowblower provides for Increased discharge distance. A top-line Toro snowblower will discharge efficiently. Nothing beats a twin-stage Honda snowblower which discharges the snow forcefully a very long way. Honda twin-stage snowblowers average maximum discharge distances of 40 feet to almost 60 feet! A Honda or premium Toro single-stage snowblower will attain a maximum discharge distance of about 25 feet – still good; but, considerably short of the twin-stage distances.

    Discharge direction and elevation are controlled from the operator position. An electrically controlled joystick on a twin-stage Honda snowblower smoothly moves a Honda discharge chute to any point on a 220 degree radius as well as enabling the user to direct the discharge of snow from about three feet away from the snowblower in any direction up to the maximum distance away – i.e., 40 feet to almost 60 feet.

    Toro uses an intuitive, joystick design. This one control enables precise positioning of the discharge direction and elevation in a matter of a second or two.

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  • Sprayers:
    We provide sprayers in two configurations – either pump sprayers or gas-powered sprayers. The most popular sprayer today is the backpack pump sprayer. Such sprayers are inexpensive, allow for a variety of spray tips to be used to achieve different spray patterns, and are rebuildable. We sell both Echo and Stihl pump and powered sprayers.
    These units have several advantages over the standard, shoulder-slung pump sprayer. First, they can be continuously pumped while still on the back – i.e., as the operator walks about spraying weeds, insects, etc. the sprayer pressure can be maintained by pumping an arm that extends alongside the user. Second, they will hold more solution than a shoulder-slung pump sprayer.A gas-powered backpack sprayer provides for greater spraying distance for effectively spraying shrubs, bushes, lower areas of trees, etc. and, of course, does not have to be pumped – a considerable convenience. Such units use two-cycle engine to provide the power. We sell both Echo and Stihl gas-powered backpack sprayers.

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