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Janitorial Equipment – Suggestions

Janitorial Equipment and Supplies involves such a broad range of merchandise that we will limit ourselves on this webpage to the most important products in the Janitorial lineup. Listed below are the categories that apply. If you have an interest in a particular type of product that you do not find listed below, please e-mail us and we will respond to your inquiry.

  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Backpack vacuums
  • Canister dry vacuums
  • Canister wet/dry vacuums
  • Upright vacuums
  • Dry carpet cleaning machine
  • Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning Machines
  • Floor machines
  • Pressure washers
  • Dry foam carpet extractor
  • Wet carpet extractor
  • Window washing equipment
        • Chemicals We represent several brands of manufacturers for cleaning chemicals; however, our premium chemicals in most categories are made by Cello. Cello products have been around for over 40 years and Cello has built a reputation based on outstanding product quality and value. We like to tell our customers that we will go head-to-head with Cello products against any cleaning chemical products made by any other manufacturer(s) – Cello products are invariably as good or better than the competition. The performance of Cello products is largely a result of their dedication to maintaining stringent standards for excellence.For example, all Cello floor finishes (floor finishes are the traditional “core” of Cello’s business) are made with laboratory-grade waxes. The result – unsurpassed results – brilliant, long-lasting shine – with no degradation and no yellowing, etc.Cello stands behind their products 100%, and we have ever found them to be an excellent business partner. Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Cello products.
        • Backpack vacuums We represent a few different manufacturers on Backpack Vacuums – Pullman/Holt, Miracle Marketing, ProTeam, etc.; however, our most popular unit is made by Numatic. Numatic is an English manufacturer of commercial cleaning equipment and they make a superlative line of merchandise. You will see the Numatic name again listed below under Commercial Dry Vacuums and Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuums. We have been selling commercial cleaning equipment for over thirty years, and have always received rave reviews from our Numatic customers about their Numatic purchases.Numatic makes three models of backpack vacuums including an aircraft version. Our most popular model is the the Numatic RSV200. This unit is powered by an 1100 watt commercial Matsushita motor and, at 67 dB(A) is extremely smooth and quiet in its operation. It produces an impressive 120 cfm and 90 inches of waterlift for fast, efficient cleaning. An orthopedically-designed back support keeps the weight on the hips of the user rather than on the back and shoulders: the result – less fatigue. This backpack vacuum can be used in any day-to-day work situation where other people are in the vicinity – i.e., cleaning an office during business hours – due to its extremely low noise level. It uses a 0.5/0.3 micron permanent filter assembly (filters to bacteria size) and paper bags are optional. It is a great performer!Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Numatic vacuums.
        • Canister Dry Vacuums Our single most popular canister dry vacuum is the Numatic model NVQ 380. This is a compact (4.5 gallon), extremely quiet (50 dBA), powerful (120 cfm & 90″ waterlift) vacuum with excellent durability. Using a commercial Matsushita motor, a dirt container made entirely from Structofoam (an extremely durable, injection-molded material), a motor head made of epoxy-coated galvanized steel, and 1.5 inch apertures on the hose (10-foot, heavy-duty crushproof) and wands (three-piece stainless steel wand set), this vacuum will rapidly remove soil and debris in a wide range of conditions. This is a vacuum we offer to our customers when they come into our facility “all red in the face” exclaiming that “I need a good vacuum – I keep buying vacuums!” For fast, easy cleaning of office buildings, restaurants and other commercial facilities this is the canister vacuum of choice (very close to indestructible!). It uses a .5 micron permanent Permatex filter (filters to bacteria size) and paper bags are optional (although recommended).Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Numatic vacuums.
        • Canister Wet/Dry Vacuums As with Canister Dry Vacuums, our most popular Wet/Dry Canister is, also, a Numatic. The Numatic WV570 is a 6-gallon (nice, easy-to-handle size – of course, we have models up to 25 gallon-size!) vac made entirely of Structofoam (we should say that we have never, ever, ever had any breakage on anything made of Structofoam in the Numatic line). It offers the same features as the Dry Numatic Vacuum listed above, with the additional ability to pickup water, etc. The wet squeegee tool is also made of Structofoam (Structofoam is one of the world’s great materials!) and, with two large, soft rubber blades it is an excellent squeegee. It should be noted that this vacuum can be purchased as a model WVD570 – the difference being that the WVD series uses two motors to double the airflow. Talk about cleaning power! This super vacuum is quiet, highly efficient, long lasting and requires virtually no maintenance.Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Numatic vacuums.
        • Upright Commercial Vacuums We recommend, depending on the circumstances, either one of two upright vacuums for commercial use: the Lindhaus RX Hepa 380 Upright 15″ Vacuum; or, the Royal 1030Z Commercial Upright 14″ Vacuum. While these vacuums are two completely different types of Upright Vacuums (the Lindhaus is a twin-motor vacuum with tools-on-board and the Royal is a traditionally-styled, all-metal vacuum), each machine provides the best possible vacuum in its class.The Lindhaus CH Pro Hepa Upright 14″ Vacuum is the finest, twin-motor, TOB (ToolsOnBoard) vacuum on the market. This is a sweeping statement (excuse the pun); but, true. Lindhaus makes over 50% of all twin-motor uprights sold in the USA – a huge segment of the market! Why? The quality. Lindhaus is a 30-year+ old manufacturer of commercial systems for international use. Lindhaus is a motor specialist – they make their own motors from start to finish. The result? Motors that will outlast even the best American motors used in vacuums by 3 – 5 times!! Motors that are smooth, extremely quiet and powerful.Lindhaus is a plastics expert. All the components of their vacuums are made of carefully selected plastics – a specific plastic for each type of use to which the part is put. As an example, the bottom plate where the revolving brush is located has been subjected to testing by repeatedly forcing the vacuum back and forth over a lintel plate in the doorway between two rooms – and, after some ten thousand of such repetitions the plate remains uncracked. What does this mean? In the field when being used the plate should never crack or fatigue in any way.A Lindhaus revolving brush spins at 5,000 rpm – most brushes spin at no more than 2,000 – 3,000 rpm. Why is this good? It simply means that the brush cleans better and faster. The Lindhaus brush mechanism is also designed with a centralized dirt intake and a convergent brush design. What this means is that, unlike many commercial upright vacuums today, the dirt is swept to the center of the brushing area. In distinction to this, on many upright vacuums the dirt intake is located all the way at the end of the revolving brush. This makes it virtually impossible for the brush to effectively sweep the soil down to that one end of the brush.The Lindhaus CH Pro Hepa 14 Upright also uses a cogged belt. Most upright vacuums use rubber belts which are constantly stretching from the moment the vacuum is first used, and which regularly need replacement. The cogged belt on the Lindhaus vacuum never stretches and never slips. The brush always spins at a constant 5,000 rpm! As well, the belt only needs replacement when it breaks and, to protect it from breaking, a sensor shuts down the brush mechanism should the brush stall or jam. The system is so effective that the belt carries a two-year warranty against breakage, and, in particular, we have yet to ever replace a Lindhaus belt! Thus, the most common aggravation on an upright vacuum – belt wear and/or breakage is just about eliminated.The Lindhaus also, as befits a true Hepa vacuum, features a totally sealed system. This design feature is mandatory to ensure complete retention of tiny, harmful LDPs (LungDamagingParticles). Many manufacturers boast about the filtration of the Hepa filter on their vacuums; however, without a sealed system – i.e., a sealed dirt path and sealed orifices, etc. – such claims become completely meaningless. The final filter on the Lindhaus CH Pro Hepa is either a 3M Filtrete filter to completely capture 98% of all microscopic particles down to .3 microns or, an optional Hepa filter to capture 99.97% of these same, tiny (.3 microns) particles. We suggest the Filtrete filter – the filtering abilities are only infinitesimally less, the filter performs better and it costs less. A Lindhaus RX Hepa 380 is a durable, high-performance upright. For those users needing the flexibility and performance characteristics of this type of machine – including total filtration – this is the commercial upright vacuum of choice! Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Lindhaus vacuum. The Royal all-metal Upright Vacuum is the industry-leading, traditionally styled upright. It is fast, efficient, easy-to-use, easy to maintenance, noisy ……… and extremely durable. Yo – it’s all metal! We’ve been selling it for over 40 years! Anyone who tries one always comes back and buys more – frequently, year after year (no, the 1st one didn’t wear out in a year – large users use a lot of vacuums). It’s our largest selling commercial upright vacuum cleaner! So, try one. “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Royal all-metal 1030z/1058z upright vacuum.
        • Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine We only recommend one dry carpet cleaning machine – the Sebo. Sebo, as explained elsewhere on this website, is a German manufacturer of high-quality, domestic upright vacuums and of dry carpet cleaning machines. The Sebo is intended only for limited use in small areas – i.e., it is too compact to be used effectively and endlessly in large area applications such as ballrooms, catering halls or (resort) hotels. However, it is perfect for use in small areas such as individual rooms, offices, entranceways, etc.This fine dry carpet cleaning machine offers all the benefits of a dry carpet cleaner (please “click” here if you would like to connect to our webpage for a more thorough explanation of dry carpet cleaning) such as ease of use and immediate return to service of the carpet.Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Sebo.
        • Dry Foam Extraction Carpet Cleaner We have found that the Von Schrader Dry Foam Carpet Extractor offers, in almost every instance, an excellent way to clean large expanses of carpeting. This extremely well-designed and well-constructed extractor offers both the cleaning efficiency benefits of a Wet Cleaning Extractor with the exceedingly quick dry times (usually an hour or so) normally only associated with Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines. It is a very fast, very easy-to-use, very effective way to clean carpets – especially larger areas such as corridors, ballroom and catering facilities. It offers cleaning speeds of up to 10,000 square feet per hour with one operator – an awesome efficiency figure.The Von Schrader applies a dry foam (an aerated mixture of water and cleaning solvent) directly ahead of a large, horizontally spinning brush that, with thousands of bristles, thoroughly brushes this dry foam through the carpet fibers. Behind the brush is a suction shoe that works to pick up the dirty solution and direct it up into the recovery tanks. The result? – clean, almost dry carpet with an absolute minimum of labor! The The Von Schrader Mach-12 is designed with two fresh-solution tanks and two recovery to eliminate worker injuries such as strained backs, etc. – a nice benefit in an era of stress-related insurance claims.Please contact us for information on the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extractor.
        • Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning Machine Manufacturers of equipment and chemicals talk “green”; however, nothing is “greener” than cleaning with a good quality dry steam vapor cleaning machine.This process allows for cleaning without toxins as no chemicals are used. Water is converted into a dry steam vapor (“dry” because of the low water content – about 5%) at about 300F, and, by using various implements and nozzles, almost anything (rugs, floors, grout, walls, windows, bathrooms – you name it) can be cleaned and disinfected in a one-step operation.It is necessary that a good-quality unit be used and, at the time of this writing, only one manufacturer – through a proprietary TANCS module – provides disinfection (most units will only sanitize, which won’t meet goverment regs for disinfection products only being used in certain health-care, etc. environments). It is also vital that a twin-chamber, continuous-use system be in place on the Vapor Cleaner. If it is a single-chamber – i.e., the boiler gets filled directly with water – the negative reality of routinely running out of water/steam and having to wait each time the unit has to be refilled and reheated is eliminated. As a result of the above, the Vapor Jet is the only commercial dry steam vapor cleaner that we recommend.If you need to better understand the entire process of Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning, please “click” here to connect to our webpage on Information on Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning.
        • “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Vapor Jet

                • Wet Carpet Extractor Over the years we have represented a number of different manufacturers of various Wet Carpet Extractors; however, our favorite is a line made by Cross American Corporation. On the most popular units, Cross American uses two, three-stage Lamb motors in parallel (manufacturers habitually set up their motors in series – parallel motors is a better design because it doubles the airflow of the extractor). This offers unmatched airflow which equates to very fast dry times. We have contract cleaners using Cross American machines as truckmount units with 150 feet of hose and reporting excellent results. Match this with RMP (rotational molded polyethylene) bodies, fully adjustable pump pressure, and an exclusive pre-spray feature that enables the extractor (pump) to be used for prespraying carpets – and you have an excellent wet carpet extractor.For many applications we like to match the Cross American extractor to a PMF-manufactured (PMF makes the very best accessories – i.e., spray tools, drag wands, etc. – in the carpet cleaning industry and they are a great outfit with which to do business!) stainless-steel, five-jet, motorized carpet brush. This latter is an excellent rug cleaning accessory that effectively eliminates the drudge associated with manually moving a drag wand back and forth across the carpet. Great combo!Pullman-Holt also makes a good, solid line of Wet Extraction machines – and, they make a self-contained (upright) unit which Cross American does not make. “Click” here to connect to our webpage on the Pullman-Holt product line.Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Cross American wet carpet extractors.
                • Floor Machines The title “Floor Machines” comprises scrubbers, polishers, buffers, burnishers, etc. A floor machine is any type of electric – either corded or battery operated – or propane unit with a rotary or orbital pad or brush underneath spinning in a circular direction. Floor machines fall into four fairly distinct categories:
                  • Slow speed – usually 175 rpm Such units are used primarily for scrubbing and stripping
                  • High speed – usually around 300 rpm These machines are designed for spray buffing and some types of scrubbing. These units have largely been replaced by ultra-high speed machines.
                  • Ultra-high speed – usually 1000 rpm to 2000 rpm Such machines are used exclusively to restore the “gloss” to a resilient floor treated with an acylic floor finish. These burnishers are the ones that produce the “wet look” so sought after by mall stores, etc.
                  • Dual-speed machines – A dual-speed floor machine typically offers a slow speed of 175 rpm and a high speed of about 300 rpm. As with most tools that attempt to provide somewhat disparate functions, there are limitations as to the effectiveness of each operation – i.e., two separate tools each properly made with a particular purpose in mind will work better than a hybrid tool. Since a 300 rpm is not really useful for effective burnishing today, we advocate not buying a dual-speed machine.

                  We recommend the Pullman/Holt line of floor machines. Pullman machines are extremely well made and will last almost indefinitely. If you would like to have additional Information on Floor Machines “Click” here. Otherwise, please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Pullman/Holt Floor Machines. As an alternative choice – especially where smaller workers, etc. are using the Floor Machine – we would suggest the Oreck Orbiter. This is a unique Floor Machine that works like an orbital sander. This results in a machine that is totally effortless to control and that can be, with one machine, used for both scrubbing/stripping and high-speed burnishing. It is also the best way to sand a wood floor as it leaves no swirl marks. Please “Click” here to connect to our webpage on Oreck.

                • Pressure Washers We sell only one line of pressure washers – Kranzle. Kranzle is a German company that makes a superlative line of pressure washing equipment ranging from 110V electric up to diesel equipment that will also produce steam. They feature solid-brass pumps with ceramic-coated pistons for unparalleled durability. Kranzle Pressure washers are unbelievably smooth and powerful. If you are looking for the best possible pressure washer – whether for home or commercial use – go no further – Kranzle is the answer!If you would like, in general, more Information on Pressure Washers, please “Click” here to connect to that webpage. If you would like to connect to our webpage on Kranzle Pressure Washers, please “Click” here.
                • Window Washing Equipment Please call us for more information.