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Dry Steam Vapor Cleaners – Suggestions

While we represent several manufacturers of Vapor Steam Systems for Residential use (and, at least one manufacturer of
Commercial Vapor Steam Systems), “we think that the LadyBug XL and Tekno from Advanced Vapor Technologies are by far and away the very best available units for home and light commerical use.”

We also carry the Vapor Jet from Advanced Vapor for strict commercial use.

These products are available with the proprietary, industry-leading TANCS for enhanced cleaning and total disinfection during the cleaning process. Regular Dry Steam Vapor Systems will merely sanitize. The difference in a nutshell is that sanitizing kills the majority of germs; disinfecting, on the other hand, is guaranteed to kill 99.99999% of the germs. The test results show that the TANCS equipped LadyBug will reduce 100,000 e-coli living in a kitchen counter to 1 (that’s ONE) e-coli – in 7 seconds. That is a wow!

“Click” here to connect to our webpage on the LadyBug and Tekno Dry Steam Vapor Cleaners, and “click” here to connect to the Vapor Jet.

If you’d like to know how a Dry Steam Vapor Cleaner works, “click” here to connect to our webpage Information on Vapor Cleaners.

All these units provide the following:

  • Absolute qualityThe Italians are world-renowned for meticulously-made products that function well and last a long time. As well, those Italians can really cook! ……..
  • A stainless-steel boilerA boiler made of stainless steel will not rust or pit. Stainless steel components can be sanitized without harming the stainless steel – a process that is taking place each time you use your machine. Stainless steel is an extremely hard, durable material. The boiler is the heart of the vapor steam cleaning machine
  • Uses regular tap waterNo need to used distilled water. The only caveat to this statement is that it is advised not to use water softened using a salt softening system as salt is corrosive
  • A flexible hose, two extension wands and a cleaning accessory for every need:
    • Large, rectangular nozzle with bristles which will grip a terry cloth if needed
    • The nozzle dispenses the steam vapor and the terry cloth will absorb soil from the surface being cleaned – i.e., mattress, upholstery, carpet, etc.
    • A window cleaning nozzle. The nozzle dispenses the steam which effortlessly cleans the windows. The squeegee “squeegees” the moisture off the window for a sparkling, streak-free window
    • Medium-sized, triangular-shaped nozzle that works like the nozzle mentioned above but is better suited to getting into corners and hard-to-access places
    • Slender, pointed nozzle that is perfect for getting into cracks and crevices
    • Small to medium-sized round brush attachments with fill material ranging from nylon to stainless steel that fit onto the end of the above, pointed nozzle
    • A chisel-like tool to clean screen door tracks, etc.
  • Most important is the continuous fill feature which is so convenient that it pretty much rules out any units which do not provide it.With the continuous fill, the user simply fills at any time a non-pressurized reservoir from which water is automatically fed into the boiler as needed. This totally eliminates a shutdown, cool-off, refill and reheat procedure such as is with most vapor cleaners when they run out of water. Since, with any use at all the latter units will likely be out of water in 30 to 40 minutes, and since the refill/reheat times average 15 to 20 minutes, it can immediately be seen that this is an awkward, frustrating way to clean using a vapor cleaner. The LadyBugXL, instead, allows one to clean 24/7.As mentioned in our webpage Information on Steam Vapor Cleaners, a good Steam Vapor Cleaner is a terrific asset for a concerned family.
    • The low pressure steam is safe (a few inches from the nozzle the vapor is merely warm)
    • Because it is low moisture the surface is dry almost immediately
    • It disinfects, thereby destroying bacteria, viruses, molds, etc.
    • It eliminates the use of chemicals – by itself a major environmental victory!
    • It requires little maintenance – just an occasional rinse of the boiler to prevent scale buildup.

    Steam Vapor Cleaners have been used in Europe for about three decades. In the USA, they are more a “Johnny-Come-Lately” product; however, they have been available here since at least the early 1990s and even some major American manufacturers like Eureka now make a little portable, stick-like unit (in our estimation – a “toy”) simply because a vapor cleaner is now a recognized way in the USA to clean and sanitize an indoor environment.

    In the USA the traditional method of cleaning is to simply grab the nearest chemical and spray it on. However, it is now being recognized that this is a dual-edged sword – the chemical process will clean (in relation to the ability of the particular chemical – even cold water “cleans”); however, more pollutants are being added into the environment – always with negative effects. Have you ever tried breathing while sanitizing a food preparation surface with a commercial kitchen sanitizer? You are guaranteed, at the least, to start coughing. A steam vapor machine, however, sanitizes safely with no harsh chemicals.

    The importance of proper cleaning:
    As well – perhaps more importantly – it is now being recognized that improper use of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals is resulting in surfaces that absolutely are not being adequately purged of bacteria, viruses, etc. – unbeknownst to the user!

    Most sanitizing chemicals, for example, instruct the user to use them on non-porous surfaces (the kitchen countertop, the stove and the toilet, etc. are all porous surfaces) after the soil load has been completely eliminated. As a point of interest, even to effectively brush our teeth (relatively, very little surface area) we are told to “scrub” for two to three minutes; yet, with the kitchen counter top, for example, where we just cut up the chicken we probably only give it a quick scrub with a soapy scouring pad.

    Then, we spray on our sanitizing chemical and likely wipe it down a minute or two later. Yet, the instructions on the bottle (read `em) state that the “dwell time” to be effective should be at least ten minutes.

    The result of all this ineffectiveness is that a bio-film is created. A bio-film is an organic goo within which bacteria can hide and reproduce with almost 100% impunity. Tests have shown that straight bleach soaking on a countertop on which a bio-film is present (read “your countertop”) for as long as 60 minutes still allows almost all the bacteria to remain alive! Hoooiiiieee ……

    A good steam vapor cleaner will entirely clean and disinfect such a countertop with no chemicals. The steam penetrates into the pores of the countertop. The soil is lifted out and all the bacteria are instantly destroyed. The process produces a sanitized surface in 7 seconds! The countertop will feel absolutely smooth and shiny clean as a result. A good steam vapor cleaner gives an absolutely clean “clean”.

    For the immune-compromised, a steam vapor cleaner is a preferred method with which to safely clean with no side effects.

    For further Information on Steam Vapor Cleaning Machines, “click” here to go to that webpage. To go to our webpage on the Advanced Vapor Technologies Steam Vapor Cleaning Machines “click” here.

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