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Solar Comfort Heaters

Solar Comfort Heaters have the most proven technology formulated by over 20 years of providing reliable, safe heat. This newest version comes with the same technology and now has 204 improved VenturisAirTM tubes as part of the heating mechanism. This makes Solar Comfort the most efficient and safest heating unit on the market today. Ask our customers from Maine to California about units they purchased two decades ago, and they’ll tell you how great their unit has performed over the years. The combination of four 375 watt infrared lamps and the exclusive VenturisAirTM technology allow you to heat up to 800 sq. ft. with even temperature from floor to ceiling.

Energy Efficient
The Solar Comfort Heating System used 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace/baseboard system, as proven in a utility’s field test for a full heating season. Calculations show that the Solar Comfort will heat more efficiently than a Heat Pump. When compared with today’s spiraling gas, propane, and fuel oil cost, the Solar Comfort Heating System provides even greater savings.

Clean Heat… No fumes
In a total Solar Comfort heated environment the air will not readily suspend solid particles. Most dust and smoke will dissipate.

Earth Friendly “Green”
The solar comfort heater does not release fumes and uses 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace. These features make it a very earth friendly product.

Doesnt Remove Humidity
It actually helps maintain desirable humidity levels, while water does not readily collect on the windows as with conventional systems.

Cannot Burn or Blister
A safe clean infrared heat chamber provides the energy. Tests prove the unit does not transmit any energy into the atmosphere that will burn or harm anyone, regardless of distance between the person and the heating unit. The Solar Comfort unit may be installed next to flammable materials with no safety clearance needed.

Quiet Operation
The Solar Comfort System’s efficiency is based on the distribution of energized air and water molecules. It does not depend on high-speed airflow.

Even Floor-to-Ceiling Heat
Due to Solar Comfort’s unique concept, heated air does not concentrate near the ceiling as with all other conventional systems for more comfort at floor level. Temperature difference, from floor to ceiling, is no more than 2 degrees fahrenheit. The unique Solar Comfort process virtually prevents the wasteful air layering of the conventional heating systems. Plus, using individually controlled units, the Solar Comfort System provides heat only where and when it is needed for more control over area comfort and energy bills.

Easy To Assemble
No special 240v wiring or expensive, inefficient ducting, piping or chimneys required. Home or business owners can install the system in most applications, and our cabinet is easy to assemble.

Moves With Casters
The Solar Comfort unit is very portable, it moves easily from room to room on casters.

Low Maintenance
Virtually maintenance free. No burners to rust, corrode or adjust. Long- life industrial infrared lamps are replaced easily and inexpensively. A full three-year warranty-including lamps-protects the consumer’s investment.

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