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An Overview and Demonstration of the Walker Rider Mower & Attachments

Walker Zero-turn Radius Commercial Lawn Tractors

ET Petersen Co. Walker Spring “Looking Good” video

The Walker S-series Mower

The Walker D-series Mower

The Walker C-series Mower

The Walker Rider Mower is a unique, high-speed, zero-turn, hydrostatically-driven, commercial tractor that performs exceptionally in almost all types of cutting situations – from small residential usage up to moderately-sized commercial landscapes.

Since 1980 Walker Manufacturing is an independent, family-owned company. With a strong company credo for superiority and uncompromising quality, the Walker Manufacturing Company has grown to be a successful (small) manufacturer of versatile, fast, easy-to-maintain Commercial Riding Tractors.

The Walker is built for the demands of daily commercial operation and is designed to mow virtually any landscaped property – places with rolling contours, irregular shapes, tight corners and open spaces. Years of rigorous field use have resulted in a refined product that does the job.

The Walker boasts simple but elegant engineering. The entire body is hydraulically-assisted to lift up and away from the frame – instantly exposing the engine, transmission, discharge fan, belts, wheel motors, etc. The front-mounted cutting deck also lifts up to facilitate changing/sharpening blades, cleaning, etc. Of course, with the removal of two conveniently-mounted pins, the entire deck slides off and can be replaced by a variety of cutting decks or additional accessories such as a power sweeper, leaf blower, snow thrower attachment, etc.

From its innovative air cleaner design (featuring a remote air intake) to the warning horn alerting that the grass collection container is full, the machine is meticulously engineered. The level of comfort, ease of use (set the forward speed and merely “wiggle your fingers” to control direction and turning), phenomenal cutting abilities (timed, overlapping blades and built in vacuum and discharge fan to result in an exclusive GHS – Grass Handling System), effortless dump design, etc. all contribute to a product that leaves the user delighted in its capabilities.

In the Walker family of Riding products we find that invariably we are providing to the end user one of two models – the “T” and the “D”. The “T” utilizes a 20hp Kohler engine and the “D” uses a 21.9 hp Kubota diesel engine. These are premium engines ……

Walker also makes a wide range of accessories for their product line including: 2-stage snowblower, dozer blade, debris blower, rotary sweeper, spring-tine dethatcher, etc. CLICK the following link to connect to the Accessory Catalogue: