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Toro Outdoor Power Equipment

Toro is the largest manufacturer in the OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) industry. They are also the largest commercial manufacturer – if you see a municipality being cut with a (large) riding mower the chances are is that the product is made by Toro.

Toro provides excellent products. The engineering features and details on Toro products are, typically, exceptional. We have almost no service-related/warranty issues with Toro equipment. Our customers usually speak in satisfied terms as to their (and their Dad’s!) Toro products.

The Toro Super Recycler (model 20037) is one of the finest lawnmowers ever produced in this industry. It offers unparalled mulching capabilities, a seamless transformation from muching to bagging and back again (no tools needed and it only takes a few seconds to switch from one to the other) and excellent bagging abilities, as well.

The Super Recycler boasts a cast-aluminum deck – Toro’s best deck – which is the industry standard material for a 1st-quality, no rust deck. It uses a commercial-grade transmission and utilizes Toro’s patented Personal PaceTM drive system whereby simple pressure on the mower handle engages the drive system to any desired walking speed up to 4 mph! It’s a great lawnmower and there are no other mowers in the industry offering these types of features in this price range. This makes it one of our most popular machines.

Toro offers excellent Riders & Tractors, as well. These units provide the same types of design features as are found on many of Toro’s Commercial equipment. Toro assimilated Wheel Horse many years ago – a famous maker of Tractors in their own right!

Toro Snowblowers rank amongst the finest in the business. The Toro Snow Commander is – unequivocably – the best single-stage snowthrower ever made. It bridges the historic differences between a single-stage and the larger, more powerful twin-stage snowblowers (please go here to connect to our webpage to help you better understand the differences between single-stage and twin-stage snowblower design). It has the capabilities to discharge the snow almost 40′ – an astonishing distance for a single-stage snowblower – and it will handle any type of snow condition. It is fast, efficient and durable.

The Toro PowerMax snowthrower line opens up an entirely new design phase in twin-stage snowthrowers. It is designed to overcome traditional twin-stage limitations in clogging – especially in heavier, wetter snow condtions. The drive engagement is effortless and it features a joystick-type design lever to control the placement of the discharging snow. It is a very fine machine and is very competitively priced.

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NOTE: While we do not show every product in the Toro line on this page, we can order whatever model you might specify. Specifically, we generally order Toro Riding Mowers and Tractors as needed. Please contact us with your inquiries (please “click” here to contact us via e-mail).

An Overview on Toro Single-Stage, Twin-Stage and SnowMaster Snow Throwers