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Sutech StealthTM 33″ Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

With the trademark name of “Stealth” these 33″ commercial walk-behind lawn mowers satisfy the demand from the lawn care professional for a more compact mower than the standard 36″ machines. They also offer the homeowner a durable, quality mower providing all the traditional benefits of a commercial, intermediate-sized walk-behind lawn mower.

The Stealth line nicely fills a niche. The commercial user of today is focused on streamlining their business to maximize time and cost efficiencies. This means that, in many cases, using 21″ lawn mowers in conjunction with their larger machines is not productive.

At the same time many of today’s homeowners – especially those with moderate to larger properties – are also looking at their scale of efficiencies in weighing the options available to them in maintaining their own lawns. In many instances, standard 21″ walk-behind lawn mowers are a poor choice for these residential users. Lawn tractors or riders can be cumbersome and lack the speed and nimbleness of traditional, intermediate walk-behinds. Larger (36″) walk-behinds are usually too large or impractical for the homeowner. The perfect answer in all instances is the Stealth line of walk-behind lawnmowers.

The Stealth lawnmower offers substantial advantages to the landscaper or the homeowner. First, it is small enough to fit through gates and into areas where the more traditionally-styled 36″ and larger intermediate mowers simply cannot be used. It provides the benefits that exist from using an intermediate lawn mower: (1) commercial construction for durability (2) high-speed cutting to reduce time and expense (3) sturdy, gear-driven transmissions with selectable speeds to suit the mowing conditions (4) a choice of engines including 10.5hp Briggs & Stratton, 10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton electric start and, for increased durability, a 9 hp Kawasaki (5) either mulching or side discharge standard with an available, large commercial grass catcher in either steel or aluminum.

As well, the Stealth has some additional, unique abilities over most other lawn mowers. First, it is almost effortless to use. A traditionally-styled intermediate mower is designed with a braking system that requires a constant squeezing or releasing of brake levers. These levers are usually stiff and tiring to use – those people with propensities towards wrist or hand problems (read, “carpal tunnel”) will shortly find they cannot satisfactorily use such equipment. Also, such machines can be difficult to pull in reverse. Lastly, they don’t always provide the flexibility of mulching which today is in demand on many lawn mowers.

The Stealth is a much more maneuverable size. It also is lighter than a standard 36″ machine. It has two easy-to-hold levers to engage the rugged, machined all-steel gearing system. It boasts a unique operating system featuring a differential. This means that by using a little “body English” the mower can be maneuvered just like a standard 21″ walk-behind lawn mower. The result is fast, fatigue-free cutting.

The cut quality is excellent. The blade tip speed – it has 3 blades – is 18,500 feet per minute. This is an extremely high blade speed and coupled with the patented blade design it results in a manicured cut that will satisfy even the most discriminating user. It mulches exceedingly well and converts to side discharge by simply removing one plate. The optional grass catcher can be quickly installed if desired. The Stealth is a winner and everyone using it boasts of its benefits.