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Little Wonder Outdoor Power Equipment


Since 1992 Little Wonder has been making an exceptionally fine line of OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) products. The Little Wonder Hedge Trimmer – whether gas or electric – is a standard item in the “toolbox” of the professional landscaper, and the Little Wonder line of walk-behind, ground leaf blowers are the most powerful in the industry.

Many of our residential customers demanding better equipment than is available in the usual “big-box” will select Little Wonder electric hedge trimmers or Little Wonder ground blowers. We can not be exactly definitive as to the life expectancy of such equipment for a residential user; but, it’s kind of forever.

Little Wonder hedge trimmers feature commercial grade gearing, double-reciprocating blades, high-impact housings, etc. throughout. A Little Wonder hedge trimmer will instantly cut a branch up to 1/2″ – in distinction to ordinary hedge trimmers which stall out on thicker material or just plain produce uneven cuts. Of course, the Little Wonder is a smooth, fast, powerful trimmer that features full safety devices to prevent the stray finger from being excised from the hand.

Little Wonder hedge trimmers come in various lengths – from 19″ to 30″ – and two configurations – i.e., single-blade or double-blade. Smaller sizes are used primarily for trimming small to medium-sized shrubs while larger sizes are typically used on privet hedges, etc.

Little Wonder leaf blowers provide industry-unique design features that tremendously enhance blowing performance. One such feature is that the discharge air is separated into two streams of air – upper and lower. The difference this makes in moving (a pile of) leaves cannot be emphasized enough – it eliminates a historic problem universally suffered by leaf blowers which is “blowback” or the “recycling” of leaves. Thus, leaves can be moved farther and faster than with standard units.

In connection with this the Little Wonder leaf blowers utilize a de-centered air intake on the front grill of their units. In this way, the unit takes advantage of the natural laws of physics pertaining to centrifugal force, whereby the air increases in velocity and force as it moves into and through the fan chamber.

There are other things, as well – air tires, front & side air discharge, solid plate steel construction for durability, etc.; however, suffice it to say that the Little Wonder leaf blower is top of its class.

Little Wonder gas edgers embody all of the quality features found in other Little Wonder products – commercial construction & design, speed & efficiency and durability. Little Wonder edgers are the industry-standard edgers for commercial and fine residential use.

Little Wonder also make the Mantis Cultivator. This unit has been the cultivator of choice for over two decades for the home gardener. It uses a proven design, a dependable, gutsy (Echo) Kioritz engine – and all this balanced with a lightweight, easy-to-use product that should last a lifetime.