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Kranzle Gas & Electric Pressure Washers

Kranzle is a German manufacturer of high-quality gasoline and electric (cold water) pressure washers. The Kranzle pressure washer features brass pumps (not the cheaper, popular aluminum – which gets eaten away by the water – or plastic casings) with stainless steel, ceramic coated pistons for durability. Unlike ordinary pressure washers, a Kranzle unit provides silky smooth action – it is almost entirely vibration-free; yet, the spray pattern is even and forceful.

Quality: Kranzle pumps boast an advanced design such that they provide extended bypass/run-dry abilities (a Kranzle can be run dry for up to an hour with no pump damage!) to prevent accidental pump damage. The pump will self-prime out of a tank, pond, etc. The Kranzle unloader system also allows the machine to run against a closed trigger gun for long periods without damage. The valves have stainless steel seats, poppers and springs – this ensures high efficiency and long life. There are a double set of high pressure water seals for extended life and efficient self priming, and an air gap with drainage holes between the water seals and the oil seals eliminate emulsification of the oil and damage to the transmission.

All the hose and gun connections are high quality brass for long life. Most Kranzle units come with a rubber-coated, steel-braided high pressure hose. These are more durable than cotton-braided thermoplastic hoses. All the above are important destinctions in determining the difference between a high-quality, long-life pressure washer and one that is troublesome and which ends up being thrown out. Most Kranzle units come with a two-year warranty and a 10-year valve casing guarantee (many pressure washers only last two years!).

Pressure and Flow: One of the most important aspects of a pressure washer involves understanding exactly what goes into constituting good performance. Many manufacturers of popular “mass-merchant” pressure washers simply promote the pressure of their units – measured in “pounds-per-square-inch” or “psi”.

However, the flow is just as important. If two different objects travelling at the same speed hit a wall the differences between the two objects will help determine what happens to the wall. Kranzle uses the example of a boy cycling along at 15 mph and hitting the wall. Little damage is done to the wall. However, a bus travelling at 15 mph will demolish the wall.

Thus, the flow rate is vital in determining the ultimate efficiency of a pressure washer. All Kranzle units produce high flow rates as well as the necessary psi.

Gas vs Electric: Simply put, Kranzle electric units are of such exceedingly high quality that, for many people (certainly, for residential use) and in many circumstances a Kranzle electric pressure washer is absolutely fine. It will provide excellent cleaning ability, longevity and total customer satisfaction whether used for light commercial or homeowne usage.

An electric pressure washer simply provides more efficiency and, of course, there is no need of an electrical source nor an extension cord. Generally, we provide gasoline-powered units to commercial customers using the equipment more regularly in and more varied circumstances.

Kranzle makes an exceedingly fine line of pressure washers – one of the very best available anywhere (German, you know). For many usages – and, certainly, for most residential use – an electric Kranzle pressure washer is more than adequate and should last indefinitely.

For those needing more versatility, more power and no desire for use of or no access to an electrical source, a gasoline powered Kranzle is a better choice.