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Honda Outdoor Power Equipment

Honda flat out manufacturers the best overall line of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) in the industry. Their products have more or less revolutionized the way in which OPE equipment is manufactured – from the styling to the engines to the features.

One thing that all Honda OPE products boast is that they use Honda engines. It is accepted that, generally speaking, Honda sets the standard for engine quality. All Honda engines are quiet, smooth, fuel efficient, long-lived and deliver maximum power for their size and displacement.

Typically, Honda products reflect the leading edge of design and function. Honda has evolved an ability to meld intense product performance with appealing and stylish features. This is to say that their products tend to evoke an instantaneous desire to use them and that, once the product is used, the level of user satisfaction is very high.

We have represented the Honda OPE line since the very early eighties when they 1st made their entrance into the USA. Our Honda volume rocketed as the consumer – residential and commercial – immediately recognized the product benefits. These benefits included long life, low maintenance, solid performance and that important, somewhat intangible benefit – consumer pride of ownership and satisfaction with the product.

We provide the following Honda Power Products and are an Authorized Sales & Warranty Dealer:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Tillers & Cultivators
  • Snowthrowers
  • Gas generators
  • Engines

With some of our product lines we typically spend time on this website describing the features and attributes of the different models. We believe that, with Honda, their reputation speaks for itself and no further accolades are necessary.

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