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Echo Outdoor Power Equipment

Echo is the industry-leader for equipment selected by the Lawn Care Professional and the discerning homeowner.

We have been providing Echo Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) for almost 20 years. End-user satisfaction is close to 100% – an astounding rate – and, typically, a Lawn Care Professional (read, “landscaper”) simply walks in and plucks a unit off the rack for purchase.

Echo is owned by Kioritz in Japan. Kioritz is an/the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of small, commercial-grade 2-cycle engines. Many Kioritz/Echo engines are used on American-made products.

Echo engines are well able to meet the pending CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations at the end of the decade. These regulations are the most strict in the USA for air pollution and set the standard for the OPE industry. The ability to meet these standards is simply an indication of Echo’s product quality, the engineering capabilities present to meet the challenges and the mindset that enables a continuing ability to manufacture product into the future.

To meet the demands of the task properly, it is necessary that OPE hand-held or pack-pack products combine high efficiencies with the lowest possible weight, noise and vibration. Echo products fulfill this. When oneself hefts an Echo line trimmer (weedwacker), for example, the balance and “feel” of the product is perfect. This reduces fatigue and enables faster, easier use.

When a product is properly made, it is durable. Echo products typically provide very long life expectancies. This maximizes the ROI (Return on Investment) – always a good thing! In addition, due to well thought-out engineering features and proper construction there is usually a minimum of maintenance needed beyond the basic care.

The OPE industry is constantly evolving, and Echo is well-positioned to not only evolve with it; but, to provide leading-edge technology and features. Owning an Echo product means being a satisfied end-user.