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Numatic Commercial Vacuums

Numatic makes about the finest line of commercial dry and wet/dry canister vacuums in the industry. Numatic commercial vacuums are powerful – they use Matsushita commercial vacuum motors – and they are unusually quiet – we can say, even startling, quiet. They are incredibly durable – they are made of steel and an almost indestructible injection-molded material called “Structofoam”.

Most models feature standard filtration at 98% at .1 micron. This is accomplished with a permanent, washable filter. We suggest that the vacuum always be used with a paper bag for enhanced air flow and sanitary emptying. A hepa filter can be added; but, at the above filtration levels, unless the need for pure Hepa filtration levels is vital, why bother.

Our most popular models use standard 1.5-inch commercial apertures with 10-foor hoses and a stainless-steel, 3-piece wand set. The main nozzle is a combination rug/floor nozzle that works extremely well on both surfaces.

Numatic vacuums come in a variety of sizes, motor configurations, cleaning apertures and accessory kits. The overwhelming favorite Numatic vacuum is a 4.5-gallon dry machine designated the “Contractor’s Dream”. It provides a nice, compact size, commercial-quality ball-bearing caster wheels, plenty of power, a standard 1.5-inch accessory kit as noted above and .1 micron filtration.

Our next most popular unit is a 6-gallon wet/dry vacuum which utilizes the same accessory kit as noted above with the addition of a wet conversion basket and the best squeegee tool in the business for wet pickup.

We have available Numatic vacuums in the above and other gallon sizes and types – i.e., dry or wet/dry – including double and triple motor units and apertures up to 3-inches (that’s right – 3-inches – such equipment is routinely used to clean up construction sites – whoops, there goes a 2×4! ……..”). We have drum motor heads to fit 55-gallon drums, and we have Numatic vacuums with specialized shaker filters for continuous use in fine dust conditions, we have units with continuous pump-out for constant wet use, we have units for centrifugal adaptors for extremely fine dust conditions, and we have highly specialized machines for extremely hazardous conditions.

Numatic also makes a very good line of backpack vacuums – as good as anything made by any other backpack manufacturer. This line includes a low-voltage machine for airline use as well as the regular 110V units. Numatic backpacks are made of structofoam and use the same quiet, powerful Matsushita motors as do the main vacuums.

Numatic makes so many – and so many varied types of – vacuums (as well as floor machines, steam vapor cleaners, tile and grout scrubbing machines, etc.) and accessories that, simply put – they have a vacuum or product for almost any conceivable cleaning purpose or use. We simply can’t describe them all on this webpage – if you need a type of vacuum that you don’t see listed in our model categories on the other side of this webpage – please contact us.

If you need a 1st-quality commercial vacuum that cleans almost everything very fast and is almost silent in its operation – you will be completely pleased with the Numatic. You will also be more than pleased with how long it lasts (we’d like to say “forever”; but, that might be stretching it a bit).