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Cross American Carpet Extraction Machines/PMF Tools & Accessories

Cross American makes an excellent line of Wet Carpet Extraction Equipment, and we have sold this line for many years. One of the major advantages of the Cross American line is that, on the more popular, twin-motor units, the motors are installed in parallel rather than in series.

This design is in distinction from the average twin-motor extraction machine which uses motors in series. The advantage to motors in parallel is that the airflow is tremendously boosted – to almost double that of a single motor!

With modern electric motors producing high waterlift even in single-motor applications, the tremendous increase in airflow insures that carpet is dried much faster. In many instances, the average commercial carpet cleaned with our popular, premium Cross American Recoil 2 is virtually dry to the touch within several hours.

This not only puts the area back into use as rapidly as possible – a major value in wet extraction carpet cleaning situations – but, also, helps prevent resoiling from residue.

Cross American extractors are manufactured from tough, resilient rotational molded polyethene (RMP) for durability. With easy-roll, non-marking wheels and castors and, in many instances, stair climbing handles, the Cross line offers a fast, efficient way to extract clean carpets or upholstery.

Our Cross American units also feature adjustable pump pressure – so important so as not to overwet certain carpet or upholstery. Most units also boast a simple design feature which, nevertheless, is immensely practical: that is, the extractor provides for prespraying the carpet using its own pump.

This latter function can be accomplished because the intake filter in the fresh solution tank is located on the end of a four-foot long flexible neoprene tube which normally sits coiled in the bottom of the tank. By merely retrieving this tube and dropping the filter end into a container of prespray, the extractor will now pump prespray solution.

This is best accomplished by connecting a hand spray nozzle on the business end of the solution hose. The spray gun features an adjustable spray pattern from a pinpoint spray (handy for small spots) all the way up to a misting pattern for pre-spraying traffic lanes, etc. It is a incredibly fast way to pre-spray or pre-treat spots – then, simply drop the hose back into the solution tank, reconnect the end of the solution hose to the drag wand or Speed Steam Power wand, and oneself is ready to extract clean the carpet!

We routinely sell the Speed Steam Power wand with the Recoil-2 extractor. This terrific accessory features five spray jets, a 16″ chevron-style 2,000 rpm revolving brush and boasts all stainless-steel construction. The use of the Speed Steam tremendously reduces both the time and the labor needed to clean larger, open areas (hotel hallways, ballrooms, etc.). It plugs into any standard 15-amp 110V receptacle.

We also feature a variety of wands, hand tools, parts and accessories from the excellent PMF line of extraction equipment accessories. PMF is the industry leader in high-quality tools and accessories. Please contact us for any needs you may have in this regard.

As with all our other product lines, we provide full parts and service for the Cross American and PMF lines of extraction equipment.

NOTE: Cross American makes a full range of Wet Carpet Extraction Machines – we are listing here our most popular. If you do not see a particular model in which you are interested, please contact us by phone or by e-mail as listed at the bottom of this webpage.

PMF is the industry leader in high-quality drag wands, hand tools and hose accessories, as well as high-quality valves, jets, etc.