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Shop Vac

Shop Vac Commercial Vacuums come in so many sizes and styles that time would fail us in delineating all the various features. Suffice it to say that they make a vacuum in almost any conceivable size and for a variety of usages.

Most Shop Vacuums are purchased for residential or moderate contracting use as a wet/dry vacuum in the 10-gallon to 20-gallon size.  We do supply a variety of Shop Vac brand shop vacuums to the State of NJ under State Contract for various usages; however, the majority of our Shop Vac business is as noted above.

We usually provide Shop Vacs in one of two sizes – either a 10-gallon refurb or a 20-gallon refurb. Since we are a Warranty Servicing Center for Shop Vac we are enabled to carry “refurb” machines. Refurb Shop Vacs typically carry a price point of roughly 20% below the market price, and, in all instances, are in brand-new condition with guarantees.

Shop Vac has some specialty machines such as for power tool use; where the vacuum turns on when the electric saw, drill, etc. is used. They also make models with automatic pump-out for use in continuous removal of water in flooded basement areas, etc. Contact us if you are interested in a specific type of model.

NOTE: We stock a full complement of accessories and parts for all of our product lines. If you do not find a particular accessory or part listed, it does not mean we do not stock it. Please contact us by e-mail or toll-free phone as listed below.