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Royal All-Metal Vacuum Cleaners

The Royal Vacuum Manufacturing Company is the oldest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in the world – since 1905! That alone is an impressive record as to a company that has not only survived but thrived (Royal makes the popular Dirt Devil line of vacuums); but, beyond that, Royal has retained an old-fashioned, if you will, attitude towards the construction of their vacuums – “make `em out of metal and they will last.”

Every Royal Upright and Canister vacuum is constructed entirely of metal. Even the exterior parts such as wheel axles, switch knobs, bag clasps and clamps, etc. are made of metal. The result is products that will outlast almost all other vacuums for home or commercial use and that can take a considerable amount of abuse while being used.

UPRIGHT VACUUMS: The most popular of the Royal all-metal vacuums are the uprights – notably, the 1030Z. This is a 14″, balanced, easy-to-use Upright Vacuum with a high-speed, 10-amp commercial motor. It features a ball-bearing brush roll which is adjustable to compensate for bristle wear, and provides such an effective sweeping action that on most commercial-grade carpeting the machine literally “walks” itself across the rug. With a 50-ft 3-wire cord for ease of vacuuming and a zippered denim (denim is much more durable than the cotton twill which is the industry-standard) bag assembly which offers either standard, micron or hepa-type paper disposable bags, this fine vacuum is a favorite of our commercial users.


  • Life-time guarantee on main housings against defects
  • Confidence that the main housings should never break
  • Unitized, heavy-duty commercial motor
  • Terrific cleaning power and lasts for years
  • 50-ft commercial-gauge cord
  • Durable and enables large area cleaning without replugging into
  • different outlets
  • All-metal, highly curved fan
  • They almost never break even when picking up pebbles, packing
  • staples and other metal objects!
  • Large, top-fill bagging system made of denim
  • Efficient air-flow and durable
  • Lightweight & balanced
  • Close to effortless to use

TANK VACUUMS: Royal commercial Tank Vacuums are the best in the business. They feature powerful, durable Ametek-Lamb twin-stage motors, all-steel construction, metal push-button switches, crushproof hoses, cleaning accessories with metal connection sleeves (we never replace them) and a cloth bag system with paper disposable bags optional (we only advocate using the paper disposable bags for sanitary reasons).

A Royal tank vacuum is completely balanced and is very easy to use in stairwells and other areas where the balance of the machine becomes more important. It uses a long, commercial-gauge cord for durability and extended vacuuming range. All the additional accessories are flush-mounted on a caddy that hugs the vacuum – unobtrusive and out-of-the-way. Some of our most abusive commercial customers report getting as long as 10+ years out of a Royal tank vacuum being used for an hour or so every day – an almost unheard of track record. It is a good, solid vacuum – well recommended.

The 4000 series tank is straight suction and the 4500 tank is sold with a motorized brush head for cleaning carpets (not recommended for commercial use).

NOTE: We stock a full complement of accessories and parts for all of our product lines. If you do not find a particular accessory or part listed, it does not mean we do not stock it. Please contact us by e-mail or toll-free phone as listed at the bottom of this webpage.

Overview on Royal All-Metal Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners