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Lindhaus Commercial Vacuums (Hepa)

 Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaners

We feel that Lindhaus makes probably the finest twin-motor uprights in the vacuum industry.  Lindhaus manufactures about 50% of all twin-motor commercial uprights sold in the United States – an extremely large part of the market.  The reason for this is the absolute quality embodied in all their machines.

Lindhaus is a 30+ year-old commercial manufacturer located in an industrial beltway in Italy.  They are a specialist in motor manufacturing, and a Lindhaus vacuum motor will normally outlast a regular vacuum motor by 3 – 5 times.  That’s a big difference!  It all has to do with some technical details, and, if you are keen on understanding what goes into making a first-class motor, please “click” here to connect to our webpage on Lindhaus motors.

Lindhaus is also a plastics specialist, and every plastic component in a Lindhaus vacuum is carefully selected for optimum results.  This means that there is considerable integrity in the structure and performance of a Lindhaus upright vacuum to the end that the vacuum will last as long as possible with the least possible breakdown.

A Lindhaus upright vacuum uses a high-speed revolving brush with a cogged belt system.  This means that the belt does not slip or stretch – ensuring optimum performance from the belt.  It also eliminates the nuisance of routine belt replacement.

As important as anything else is Lindhaus’ sealed system and 3M Filtrete filter(s). This design ensures that over 98% of all microscopic particles to .3 microns are retained in the vacuum!  This is a great benefit as the millions of microscopic particles that are removed (by any vacuum) while vacuuming are now not being spewed back into the air to be breathed into the lung sacs.  If you prefer to go the
extra half-step (99.97% to .3 microns) the vacuum will accept an S-class Hepa filter. The Lindhaus is a excellent vacuum for health and allergy reasons!

We suggest, if you would like to know more about some of the wonderful benefits of the Lindhaus Upright Vacuum Cleaner, that you click here and you will connect to our webpage on Suggestions on Vacuums Cleaners.

Lindhaus also makes the finest powerbrush in the industry for Central Vacuum use. This is the same exceptional power brush used on the Lindhaus twin-motor upright vacuum; but, it has been redesigned so as to enable use on a Central Vacuum System.  With a brush speed of 5,000 rpm, a geared (no-slip) belt system, an electronic overload protector, a convergent brush design, and Lindhaus’ own,
highest-quality motor, it is a powerbrush that is quiet, smooth and easy to use, and should last 20 years!

NOTE:  Lindhaus makes a few models in addition to those which we have listed below.  Those listed below are stocking items for us.  If we do not list a model, it is usually because we are strongly suggesting that you consider a lateral, alternate model – one of those listed below.  If, however, you desire a model that is not listed below, we are happy to obtain it for you – generally it takes a few days.  Just let us know!

NOTE:  We stock a full complement of accessories and parts for all of our product lines.  If you do not find a particular accessory or part listed, it does not mean we do not stock it.  Please contact us by e-mail or toll-free phone as listed below.

Lindhaus Commercial and Residential Vacuum Cleaner Overview