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DuoVac Central Vacuums

DuoVac makes some of the finest Central Vacuum Systems (CVS) available.  They should – they have over 30 years of experience to get it right!Much of the DuoVac CVS equipment is used in North America in commercial installations such as mall stores, etc.  The demanding, day-to-day usage in such large areas calls for an efficient, durable and trouble-free CVS.  This is what is provided by DuoVac.

All Duo-Vac CVS have certain advantages and benefits not found in many other manufacturers’ equipment.  First, each unit features cyclonic action to maintain cleaning power.  This is not unique in the industry; however, Duo-Vac uses a washable, permanent, DuoFib filter that ensures 97.5% filtration to .1 micron.  Many true cyclonic CVS offer very minimal filtration and the usual design results in excessive amounts of small dust constantly leaking into and through the motor.  This invariably causes premature motor failure and, also, necessitates venting the CVS outdoors (your neighbors are always interested to know when you are vacuuming) to prevent all this fine dust from being injected back into the indoor breathing environment.  A Duo-Vac leaks no dust and does not have to be vented.  Of course, the totally clean air exhausting through the motor ensures maximum motor performance and life expectancy.

One of our all-time, most popular CVS is the Duo-Vac model 1530.  This machine uses a massive, Lamb, triple-fan, 7.2-inch motor to produce an awesome 145 inches of waterlife and about 105 cfm.  This enables thorough, deep cleaning of indoor enviroments – including areas large enough to demand as much as ten to twelve vacuum outlets.

Duo-Vac also offers the Silentium series of CVS.  These CVS are so incredibly quiet that they are first-choice for environments where elimination of noise is an absolute necessity.  They have been test proven to be the “lowest sound power level” on the market.  They require absolutely no muffler.

Duo-Vac systems are extremely easy to empty – the user merely loosens two latches and empties the dirt container into a garbage bag, trash can, etc.  Once a year it is advisable to remove the DuoFib filter (simply grasp one of the thongs on the filter and slide it off), wash it (either throw it into the washing machine or wash it by hand) and, when dry, reinstall it.  Fast
and easy!

Central Vacuum Systems offer the ultimate in in-home control of particle emissions which are normally airborne from routine vacuuming.  Since most portable vacuums badly pollute the indoor air environment when operating, a good CVS completely arrests this problem.  The soil particles and allergens are safely carried out of the room to the Central Vacuum
unit where, in a 1st quality machine like the Duo-Vac, they are also contained without leaking.

For some homes/offices, etc. a CVS cannot be installed due to existing construction designs and difficulties.  In this instance, a 1st quality canister or upright vacuum offers an excellent alternative.  Please go here to connect to our webpage on the Miele canister Hepa vacuum or go here to connect to our webpage on the Lindhaus twin-motor upright Hepa vacuum; or, go here to connect to our webpage on the Sebo upright vacuum cleaner.

All Duo-Vac CVS offer an average of 7-gallon dirt capacity so that the system only needs to be emptied at relatively infrequent intervals.  This is one of the “perks” of a good-sized CVS – no regular bag changes!

A considerable variety of hoses, power heads and cleaning accessories are available so that your Duo-Vac CVS can be customized to your own personal needs and tastes.A first quality CVS offers considerable benefits to the health of the indoor home environment.  Along with a good-quality Steam Vapor System (please go here to connect to our webpage on the LadyBug XL Steam Vapor Cleaning System) and a 1st-quality air purifier go here to connect to our webpage on The Easy Living Air Machine air purifier), we can help make your home as healthy an environment in which to live, relax, sleep and play as possible!  We can also provide you with state-of-the-art water purification systems go here to connect to our Everpure webpage; the last part of the equation – the food – is up to you!

Go to the model(s) of your choice in the left box and information and pricing on that model will be displayed in this box.

NOTE:  We stock a full complement of accessories and parts for all of our product lines.  If you do not find a particular accessory or part listed, it does not mean we do not stock it.  Please contact us by e-mail or toll-free phone as listed below.

DuoVac Central Vacuums
Almost all our Central Vacuum Systems are installed or sold with Lindhaus PB14 power nozzles simply because Lindhaus makes the best (electric) power nozzles in the industry (please go here to connect to our webpage on the Lindhaus power nozzle).  If the installation involves Hayden Supervalves (110V-wired vacuum outlets) we use a direct-connect hose.If the installation does not involve SuperValves or other direct-connect (110V-wired) vacuum outlets, we use hose which is designed with an 8′ pigtail extension cord at the outlet end of the hose.  This gets plugged into a standard 110V receptacle and in this way the vacuum hose is energized to supply the necessary 110V to the power nozzle motor.

In either instance the above hoses direct-connect into the power nozzle wand (which is telescopic and thereby adjustable for operator comfort) and are usually 35′ long; not 30′.  This allows for more flexibility in cleaning.  In every instance a standard set of cleaning accessories is needed.

We also use Hayden Supersystems which consist of a 35′ Hayden Superhose, a Hayden power nozzle and a full set of cleaning accessories. We prefer the setup with the Lindhaus power nozzle simply because the Lindhaus nozzle is superior to the Hayden power nozzle.  We can supply almost any desired hose/accessory set; however, since Lindhaus makes
the single finest motorized brush in the industry, typically we find our customers choosing the Lindhaus and the associated hose and accessory kit.

In instances where an electric power nozzle is not going to be needed – i.e., little or no carpet – we suggest the use of a 40′ hose wired for 24V only (the CVS can be turned on or off from the end of the hose; but, there is no 110V in the hose) and a standard set of accessories.