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Canavac Central Vacuums

Canavac Central Vacuum Systems are made in Canada by a leading manufacturer of Central Vacuum Systems (CVS).  While our most popular CVS are made by DuoVac, Canavac makes a 1st-class line of equipment.With features such as 7.2 inch, triple-fan, Ametek-Lamb motors, herculon polypropylene filtration down to bacteria size, oversized cooling vents in the main vacuum housings to lengthen motor life, etc., Canavac is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality CVS.As with any of our CVS equipment, the types of cleaning accessories, hoses, power nozzles, etc. are usually decided upon by the homeowner/builder/architect before the CVS is installed.  Thus, a home with only bare floors does not need a power nozzle which is used only on carpets and rugs.  This would also eliminate the need for an electric hose, etc.  Conversely, a home or office environment with a lot of carpet would probably mandate the use of an electric power nozzle, and, probably, an electrified hose.To understand better the nature and choices of a good Central Vacuum System, please go to our webpage on Information on Central Vacuum Systems.
Canavac Central Vacuums

Almost all our Central Vacuum Systems are installed or sold with Lindhaus PB14 power nozzles simply because Lindhaus makes the best (electric) power nozzles in the industry (go here to connect to our webpage on the Lindhaus power nozzle).  If the installation involves Hayden Supervalves (110V-wired vacuum outlets) we normally convert a Lindhaus power nozzle to direct-connect and use a Hayden Superhose.If the installation does not involve SuperValves or other direct-connect (110V-wired) vacuum outlets, we suggest the use of a Plastiflex hose which is designed with an 8′ pigtail extension cord at the outlet end of the hose.  This gets plugged into a standard 110V receptacle and in this way the vacuum hose is energized to supply the necessary 110V to the power nozzle motor.In either instance the above hoses are usually 35′ long; not 30′.  This allows for more flexibility in cleaning.  In every instance a standard set of cleaning accessories is neededWe also use Hayden Supersystems which consist of a 34′ Hayden Superhose, a Hayden power nozzle and a full set of cleaning accessories.  We prefer the setup with the Lindhaus power nozzle simply because the Lindhaus nozzle is superior to the Hayden power nozzle.In instances where an electric power nozzle is not going to be needed – i.e., little or no carpet – we suggest the use of a 40′ hose wired for 24V only (the CVS can be turned on or off from the end of the hose; but, there is no 110V in the hose) and a standard set of accessories.

Canavac Central Vacuum System Information