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Bladeless Fans



Bladeless fans are a growing category offering the convenience of a quiet, efficient fan without any danger from the traditional, spinning blades found on most fans.  These fans are SAFE around children and pets.

The energy efficiency is terrific – a good bladeless fan offers energy use so minimal that it’s approaching non-energy use.  The technology provides minimal noise levels – at the lower fan speed settings the fan is virtually noiseless at an astounding 13dB.

Most fans have a few speed settings.  A quality bladeless fan can offer much more – as much as, currently, twelve settings.  Thus, the fan can be nicely customized to an appropriate speed setting for anywhere from an office cubicle to a bedroom, living room, etc.  In addition, some fans can be adjusted vertically up to 90 degrees.  This allows for the airstream to be directed off of ceilings and walls so as to disperse the air movement more broadly.

Many bladeless fans are retailed from $250 to $300 – our choice of bladeless fan – the Greentech QT7 retails for the remarkably low price of $99.  It’s a home run!  To see this fan please go to our webpage on the Greentech Environmental QT7 Pure Flow Bladeless Fan.