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The “Other” Air Purifier

Once our most popular line of air purifiers (now largely superceded by the Greentech Pure Air air purifiers seen elswhere on our website) these units provide excellent air purification.  They employ a technology whereby single air purifiers can effectively purify indoor environments up to 3,000 square feet.  Since 1986 these efficient, cost-effective air purifiers have been making fresh, clean, indoor air environments in homes, offices, beauty salons, bars and veterinarian hospitals, amongst others, for pennies a day.

These air purifiers can be “tuned” to purify indoor environments from 100 square feet (a bedroom, etc.) all the way up to a full-size house (up to 3,000 square feet) of several levels.  These air purifier electronically duplicates indoors the exact way Nature purifies and makes fresh and clean the outdoor environment during a thunderstorm (everything but the rain!).

These air purifiers are compact – 8″ wide x 12″ high x 10″ deep – and are usually placed up five feet or higher.  Typical locations are on top of china closets, bookshelves, hutches, entertainment centers; or, on a shelf located on an appropriate wall.  These air purifiers are extremely quiet and begin to work immediately to produce a fresh, clean indoor environment.

These air purifiers have been scientifically proven to completely eliminate smoke and all the associated chemicals, and other accreditations for mold, bacteria, etc. are pending.  The ability to eliminate cigarette smoke is a terrific testimony to this wonderful air purifier’s ability to greatly reduce or eliminate indoor organic contaminants, since cigarette smoke is one of the most complex of pollutants – containing upwards of 3,000 chemicals.

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